Norstrat: A brief history of Best Consulting Company

Lee Carson is a Canadian entrepreneur who has been awarded millions of dollars in contracts from the government to help businesses implement parts of their Northern Strategy. Additionally, he operates Norstrat Consulting which was formed for this express purpose and captures over 200M USD worth as well!

The above information comes FROM: “Canadian Entrepreneur Lee Carlson” When it comes down hard on what Canada needs most right now- we aren’t so sure about your answer… but Mr.Larsen may know more than you think 😉

There is a company that specializes in communications and other vital aspects of their customers’ business. They help these forward-thinking companies to design, develop, market, or manage an online presence for themselves through various means including social media management services as well as website hosting solutions tailored exclusively just for clients like them!

Norstrat Consulting Reviews – Building On The Northern Strategy

what is norstrat? is a consulting company that provides technology solutions to government agencies. It also provides services for healthcare authorities and other types of organizations, such as the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), in addition to supporting military personnel around the world through missions overseas under Operation Promote Freedom at home – where they offer expert engineering expertise with deploying mission-critical software products on time & within budget while maintaining privacy standards required by law enforcement.

The Norstrat Group of Companies has been in business for over 20 years. They provide various services to help clients with a range of problems, including providing underwater search and display systems that can warn about potential security threats or consulting on issues related to building new infrastructure projects such as offshore energy exploration platforms – all while maintaining an active presence at conferences discussing the future economic development opportunities up North!

The leader of this regional team brings decades worth of expertise from his past careers working both nationally & internationally within government organizations prone towards decision making processes regarding these types of matters—leaving him uniquely positioned today when tasked completing those very same tasks during private-sector negotiations

Getting to Know Norstrat & Its Mission

Norstrat was established in 1988 by Lee Carson, who has endeavored to serve his clients with the utmost care and diligence. He is well known for having served as a principal consultant at the Department of National Resources where he handled various inquiries involving environmental management projects throughout Canada’s north including Northern Strategy initiatives that focus on economic development strategies across all areas: social responsibility obligations or aboriginal responsibilities?


The Norstrat company was established by a group of Northern business leaders, bureaucrats and retired Canadian Armed Forces. They took an important step towards helping clients with their strategies in order to better serve them as they grow from ambitious individuals into well-established companies. This is all about Norstat since if you have any inquiries please mention it below!

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