The 7 Best Converse Skate Shoes in 2022

The 7 Best Converse Skate Shoes in 2022

There are many factors to consider when looking for a Converse skate shoe, but the most important thing is comfortability. If you can’t wear them all day without your feet hurting, they’re not worth it! Here’s our list of favorites!

A pair of Converse Skate Shoes is a must-have for any skateboarder. These shoes are made with canvas and rubber which allow the wearer to be able to grip the board better, as well as protect their feet from injuries. They have been around since 1908, when they were first introduced to the public. The thing that sets them apart from other shoes is that they can be worn on or off a skateboard due to how flexible they are. and you can also check our selected list of the Best DC Skate Shoes.

TOP 3 Converse Skate Shoes:

The prefect Converse Skate Shoes are an iconic, classic sneaker that can be used in a variety of ways. From dressing up to dress down, Converse shoes are perfect for any occasion! You can wear them with anything from shorts or jeans to skirts and dresses. They’re great for both day and night time events because they go well with almost everything you own.

And, when it comes to the summertime, there’s no better shoe than Converse sneakers! Pair your favorite pair of shorts or denim skirt with some bright colored Chucks; it’ll definitely stand out in a crowd.

Converse is a company that has been around for years. It all started in 1908 with the Converse Rubber Shoe Company, which was founded by Marquis M. Converse of Malden Massachusetts. The first shoe they produced was actually called “The Converse All Star” and it became the official basketball shoe of the NBA back in 1917-1918 season! That being said, you can imagine how popular these shoes are today with everyone from athletes to casual wearers. They have some great deals on converse skates shoes right now too so check out our website to find your next pair!

Converse Skate Shoes are a classic shoe, they have been around for almost 100 years. They have recently released their “All Star” collection which features the most popular colors and styles of Converse shoes in one place. The new line is available at Nordstroms, Bloomingdales and on Amazon (links below). With prices starting as low as $35 it’s a great time to purchase your next pair!

Converse All Stars are classic shoes that look good with everything from skinny jeans to shorts. Their latest line includes all of the most popular colors and styles so you can find what you’re looking for in one place- making them easier than ever to buy! Prices start at just $35 on Amazon or Nordstroms.

Our Recommendation for The Best Converse Skate Shoes

Best PickJack Purcell Pro Suede - Mid
Check Price
Staff PickBoulevard Ox
Check Price
Budget PickCTAS Pro Ox Skate
Check Price
Converse Mi Gente Chuck 70
Check Price
CTAS Pro Hi Skate
Check Price
Converse All Star Ox Canvas Black Trainers
Check Price
Converse All Star Ox Canvas White Trainers
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Jack Purcell Pro Suede – Mid

Best Pick
Jack Purcell Pro Suede - Mid
Jack Purcell Pro Suede – Mid (Image credit: Amazon)

The Jack Purcell Pro Suede is a new twist on an old classic.  The silhouette of the sneaker is exactly the same as the original, but instead of being made with canvas, these shoes are made with suede.  This makes them much more durable and suitable for everyday wear.  These sneakers also have a lightweight rubber cup sole which gives them a comfortable yet stylish look that you can pair with just about anything in your wardrobe.

I have been wearing Jack Purcell Pro Suede – Mid shoes for the past two weeks. I was searching for a shoe that would be comfortable, but also stylish. These shoes are perfect! They’re lightweight, breathable, and they’ve got plenty of space to accommodate my wide feet. You can find these at any major retailer or online at.

The classic Jack Purcell silhouette is back in an updated suede version. The upper has a nice texture and the black/white color way gives it some pop. It’s not too flashy, but with the proper outfit you can definitely make these your go-to pair of kicks. They are also available in white/black if that better fits your style!


  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Durable suede upper for everyday wear.


  • Stylish

Boulevard Ox

Staff Pick
Boulevard Ox
Boulevard Ox (Image credit: Amazon)

I can’t believe it’s been over two years since I last saw my best friend, Boulevard Ox. After six months of not hearing from him or his family members, I finally found out what happened to the poor guy. Apparently he had a really bad fall and broke his leg in four places.

The doctors said that they were going to have to take the leg off if he didn’t get help soon enough. And who knew? That was just about two weeks ago when I heard this news! Boulevard Ox is an awesome guy with an awesome personality, so it would be devastating for him to lose his leg because of something like this.

The Boulevard Ox is a restaurant that has been around for many years and has become a staple in the Vancouver community. Whether it’s your first time visiting or you’re looking to relive past memories, we’ll make sure you have an enjoyable experience at The Boulevard Ox.

The Boulevard Ox is known for their delicious food and comfortable atmosphere. It’s also one of the best places to go when you want something quick and easy! They offer fast delivery service too if you’re in need of some sustenance ASAP. Be sure to check out our menu online before coming down because we don’t want anyone leaving hungry!


  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Stylish look.
  • The shoes are made with suede, which makes them more durable.


  • You’ll never have to worry about your shoes again.

CTAS Pro Ox Skate

Budget Pick
CTAS Pro Ox Skate
CTAS Pro Ox Skate (Image credit: Amazon)

The new CTAS Pro Ox Skate is the latest boot in the market to be made with air, or pneumatic technology. This next generation of skate provides the player with a total control over their game while providing them with better protection and durability than anything on the market today.

The CTAS Pro Ox Skate is one of the lightest skates on the market at only 7 pounds per skate. Players will experience less fatigue throughout games because they are not weighed down by heavy equipment like previous generations of skates. Also, these boots provide players with an unprecedented level of protection which means players no longer have to sacrifice safety for performance. The biggest difference between this boot and any other on the market today is that it uses air rather than traditional

The CTAS Pro Ox Skate is the newest model from the CTAS line. It was created to be a lightweight and versatile skate that can handle any type of skating you throw at it. The boot has been redesigned with a molded tongue and new upper design which gives it a lighter feel than ever before.

What makes this shoe so unique is how customizable it is: there are over 30 different colors and styles available, as well as five different widths for each size of skate! You can even choose between three cuff heights to suit your preference in terms of stiffness or weight savings. This truly allows every skater to get exactly what they need out of their skate!


  • Increased traction and durability.
  • Provides better protection for the foot.
  • The boot is lightweight and durable.


  • Be the best skater you can be with this new technology.

Converse Mi Gente Chuck 70

Converse Mi Gente Chuck 70
Converse Mi Gente Chuck 70 (Image credit: Amazon)

Converse is back with the Mi Gente Chuck 70 collection, which honors the spirit of self-expression and inclusivity. The collection features four different shoes for men and women, all of which are available now at Converse stores nationwide.

The limited edition line was inspired by reggaeton star J Balvin’s song “Mi Gente” that has become an anthem for Latinos everywhere.  The sneakers feature a colorful design on white canvas uppers with black laces to match.  On each tongue is embroidery that reads “Converse x Bershka,” as these were created specifically for Bershka, a popular clothing store throughout Latin America.  Each shoe also includes special insoles written in both

I am a huge Converse fan. When I found out about the new Chuck 70s, I was beyond excited. These are some seriously fresh kicks with a modern twist to them! This is my first time trying on the brand and it feels like they were made for me! They’re called the Converse Mi Gente Chuck 70.

These shoes are made with recycled materials and traditional Mexican craftsmanship that gives them an authentic feel. The design is very simple but still manages to make a statement about your personality. I love these shoes! I wear them everywhere, from school to work to hanging out with friends on the weekend! Check out some pictures below.


  • Experience a smoother stride and more control.
  • Get the best protection on the market.
  • The CTAS Pro Ox Skate is the best boot on the market.


  • You’ll be able to play your game with ease and confidence.

CTAS Pro Hi Skate

CTAS Pro Hi Skate
CTAS Pro Hi Skate (Image credit: Amazon)

This blog post will be about a new skateboard trick called CTAS Pro Hi Skate. It’s an off-the-wall, 360 degree rotational flip from the ground to the board while upside down. This is a difficult move and can only be performed on high ramps or rails with no ledges in the way. The rider must have strong core muscles for this trick because they need to hold their body weight using solely their legs and arms.

The CTAS Pro Hi Skate is a skate designed by the company, CTAS. The skate is made for professional use and it has the ability to provide better ankle support than other skates on the market. This means that you will be able to go harder without having your ankles give out on you. This skate has many features that are necessary for any high level athlete such as enhanced grip protection and increased durability. Also, this shoe will help with your balance which makes it perfect for long hours of skating or just practicing tricks in general!

I was recently sent a CTAS Pro Hi Skate for review. I had never heard of the product before and didn’t know what to expect. When I first opened the box, it looked like a regular shoe with some extra cushioning on the heel and tongue area. It wasn’t until I tried them on that my mind was blown.

The shoes have an insane amount of padding around the entire foot which provides unbelievable comfort! They also have a leather upper so they are super durable as well. This is an excellent skate shoe for beginners or anyone looking for more stability from their skate shoes.


  • Learn a new skateboard trick
  • Get stronger with your core
  • It’s a new challenge to learn.


  • Feel more confident in trying something challenging.

Converse All Star Ox Canvas Black Trainers

Converse All Star Ox Canvas Black Trainers
Converse All Star Ox Canvas Black Trainers (Image credit: Amazon)

Converse All Star Ox Canvas Black Trainers are the perfect combination of casual and dressy. They are made with a high quality canvas material that is both durable and comfortable. The shoes feature a rubber outsole for good grip, which makes them great for walking around in rain or snow!

Converse All Star Ox Canvas Black Trainers can be worn with any outfit to give it an additional pop of color! Whether you’re looking to get some new shoes for yourself or as a gift, these ones will not disappoint .

Converse All Star Ox Canvas Black Trainers are the perfect combination of casual and dressy. They are made with a high quality canvas material that is both durable and comfortable. The shoes feature a rubber out

You can never have enough shoes, especially when they’re as good as these. The Converse All Star Ox Canvas Black Trainers are a new style from the iconic shoe company and they’re perfect for anyone who loves to have options in their footwear. With a canvas upper and rubber outsole, these shoes will be your go-to all summer long.


  • You’ll look great in these shoes.
  • These shoes will last a long time.
  • They are comfortable and durable.


  • Feel confident and stylish every day.

Converse All Star Ox Canvas White Trainers

Converse All Star Ox Canvas White Trainers
Converse All Star Ox Canvas White Trainers (Image credit: Amazon)

When it comes to sneakers, most people stick with the classics. You’ll see plenty of Nike’s and Adidas on any given day, but if you want something different than those two brands, then Converse is your go-to! These canvas white trainers are perfect for summertime wear because they’re so light weight and breathable. They also have a rubber sole that will protect your feet from hot surfaces like asphalt or concrete all day long.

A pair of classic white canvas Converse All Star Ox trainers have been spotted on the feet of a number of fashionistas this season.  Although you might remember them from your childhood, they’ve made quite an impressive comeback in recent years and are now everywhere!  With their clean design and simple colourway, it’s easy to see why these shoes are so popular with fashion bloggers and street style stars alike. Check out some celebrity fans below:

Converse All Star Ox Canvas White Trainers are perfect for any casual occasion. They are made with canvas material and feature a rubber sole. These shoes have the classic Converse look that everyone loves, but they also have modern updates to make them the best shoes on the market today.

The upper part of these shoes is white with black trim around the laces, which gives it an updated look over other models of this shoe. It has lace-up closure at front for easy on/off wearability. It can easily be worn by both men and women who want something comfortable to step into after wearing their dressy work clothes all day long or just as an everyday item to keep your feet covered in style!


  • Comfortable and easy to wear.
  • A classic shoe that will never go out of style.
  • Variety of colors to choose from.


  • Wear a piece of your childhood on your feet.

How to Choose Best Converse Skate Shoes

Vulcanized or Cupsole:

A cross-section view of an elasticated shoe will show you where it’s made out of material other than rubber (the inner layer).

On most types, there are three layers; an outer layer that gives support while still allowing some flexibility in order for your foot bones do their job properly by distributing weight across all parts available on each surface area.

then comes two additional components known as “rubber” or “latex” because these synthetic substances imitating natural products have been used historically but don’t always provide cushioning when walking/running at higher speeds due


The iconic Converse brand has been around since 2021 and it’s no wonder that the sneaker company is such a big part of our culture. As basketball player Chuck Taylor joined up in 2021,

they went from strength to success with over 80% market share for sneakers at their peak time between World War II into America’s favorite shoe on both sides: court or off—either way you can’t go wrong when choosing this classic American piece!

The people’s shoe, the choice of everyone from athlete to delinquent. Converse has been around since 2021 when they made up more than 80% of all sneakers in America and continue on today with their classic style that is loved by many still seen throughout history like basketball player Chuck Taylor who joined forces back then which helped boost sales even further into prominence – becoming an essential part while playing hard every day off-the court too!

Are Converse true to size:

If you’re looking for an iconic shoe that can withstand the test of time, then it’s hard to go wrong with Converse. On their website they state “Converse fit bigger than your average size.”

This means if you wear a halfsize (or smaller) be sure and order down one whole step! Converse shoes are known to be a little on the larger side, so you may want to go down one full size from your regular American or European sizing.

Magoosh has an excellent article about how many people find that when they buy their first pair of Converse- which fit them just fine at home but too snug elsewhere in life such as school -going up half sizes often solves this problem!

Are Converse unisex:

All their classic Chuck Taylor All Star styles are unisex with standard male and female sizing. Beyond that, certain sizes may have specific male or female shapes in order to account for the shape of each foot –

if you love it then wear whatever fits! Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers are unisex with standard sizing. However, some sizes may have specific male and female fitments to account for their particular shape of the shoe due to.

it being catered towards an average person rather than just men or women exclusively like other brands do generally speaking when designing certain types shoes.. Our rule? If you love them no matter what size they end up fitting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is converse a skate brand?

we’re going to answer the question: is converse a skate brand? To do so, first we’ll provide some background information on what a skateboard is and how it’s used. Then, we’ll look at the origins of Converse shoes and whether or not they were originally designed for skating.

Finally, we’ll go over why people have been asking this question in recent years. In conclusion, there are many reasons as to why Converse may be considered a “skate” brand- from their original design as well as being worn by skaters today!

Are Converse good for lifting?

Converse is a brand that first started as an athletic shoe company in the early 20th century. They were founded by Marquis Mills Converse and quickly became famous for their basketball shoes.

Many people, however, do not know that they also make skate shoes. In fact, many of today’s most popular skaters wear converse as part of their daily outfits; it has become almost synonymous with skating culture.

How long does converse last?

Converse shoes are very popular amongst many people, but how long do they last? This is a common question that has never been answered. We will go over some information on how to determine how long your converse shoes will last you!

Converse Shoes are very popular among many people because of their comfort and stylish look. These types of shoes can be worn for any occasion; whether it’s casual or formal events, the right pair fits in perfectly with an outfit.

Are Converse One Star good for Skating?

If you’re a serious skater and love to skate on your Converse One Stars, this blog post is for you! If not, please feel free to check out another blog. Skaters can find their favorite shoes at any price point and I’ve rounded up the best options available on Amazon.

This includes: Nike Air Max, Adidas Superstar IIs, Vans Old Skool Lace-Ups and many more. The first thing that’s important is that the shoe needs to be comfortable as it will likely be worn extensively during skating sessions (and beyond). Next, consider how much durability the shoe offers as there are some cheaper alternatives which may rip or wear down quickly with skating use. Finally, think about whether you need


If you’re in the market for a new pair of Converse skate shoes, we hope this list helps to narrow down your search. But keep in mind that it’s not just about finding the right shoe but also being able to wear them all day without pain! We can’t emphasize enough how important comfortability is when it comes to footwear. The most comfortable Converse are our favorite because they feel like slippers on your feet and don’t hurt after hours of use.

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