7 Best Dj Headphones In 2022

7 Best Dj Headphones In 2022

You’re a DJ and you want to be able to mix the perfect sets, but not only do you need good equipment, you also need great headphones. The best dj headphones will help you get the right sound for your mixes so that they sound just like it does in your head. But what are some of the best dj headphones? This blog post will show five choices that we think are worth checking out!

At a Glance:

Djing is a challenging profession, but there are items that can make it easier. One of them being the cheap dj headphones. The key to finding these headphones is to find ones with great sound quality and noise cancellation features. This will help you focus on your performance without distractions from the environment around you or other people’s conversations.

The best dj headphones are a DJ’s most important tool. A good pair of headphones is essential for practicing, getting feedback from the audience and making sure you don’t miss any cues during your set. These four models are some of the best out there today.

DJs need to be able to hear what they’re doing, especially when practicing at home where no one else is around. All of these models provide great sound isolation so that nothing interferes with your music. They each have their own pros and cons but will help you mix like a pro if you choose them as your next pair!The affordable DJ headphones are those that can be used in a variety of different settings, whether they are on the stage or on the street.

The first step to finding the right pair is knowing what kind of music you will be using them for. For example, if you plan on performing with hip-hop and rap music, then getting a pair of bass heavy headphones would be your best bet. On the other hand, if you plan on playing jazz or classical tracks, then something with great highs is more appropriate. If it’s not about sound quality at all but rather comfortability that matters most to you when looking for good DJ headphones , keep reading!

Our Recommendation For Best Dj Headphones

Best PickSennheiser HD25
Check Price
Staff Pick Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10
Check Price
Budget PickV-MODA Crossfade M-100
Check Price
Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT
Check Price
Behringer HPX6000
Check Price
Pioneer HDJ-X7-K
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Sennheiser HD25

Best Pick

I have been using headphones since my first gig, so I know what to look for when buying a pair of cans. One of the most important things for me is that they are comfortable to wear all night long without being too heavy on your head or ears. The frequency response needs to be crisp enough so you can hear everything clearly in a loud club while still sounding great outside of it.

The HD25s by Sennheiser come with an interchangeable cable which is handy because DJs need flexibility depending on where they’re playing at any given time – if you’re not near an outlet then these bad boys will last 15 hours per charge! They also offer noise cancelling features which means there’s no need for ear.

The Sennheiser HD25 is a high-end headphone model from the German manufacturer of audio equipment. The headphones are designed for professional monitoring and mixing, as well as home use. They come with a replaceable cable and can be used in both ears or one ear at a time due to their collapsible design.

This model is an excellent choice for DJs, studio engineers, musicians, producers, and even casual listeners who prefer listening to music through over-the-ear headphones rather than earbuds or in-ear monitors. The frequency response range of these headphones is 8 Hz – 25 kHz which makes them ideal for all types of music styles that need accurate sound reproduction such as classical, jazz and rock music. They also have


  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Excellent high sound pressure performance
  • Rotatable capsule so you can enjoy single-ear listening


  • The plastic frame is a little flimsy in some places
  • Ear cups might be too small for some

 Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10

Staff Pick

The Pioneer HDJ-X10 DJ Headphones provide a natural and balanced sound quality for all kinds of music. They also offer a comfortable fit, straight cable design and an easy to carry around size. These headphones are perfect for anybody who works in the entertainment industry or simply wants to listen to their favorite music at home.

The Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10 is a high quality, durable headphone. It comes equipped with gold plated 3.5mm stereo mini plug, 50mm drivers and copper clad aluminum wire voice coil which provides crisp sound reproduction for all of your music needs! Now you can enjoy your favorite tunes in any environment without having to worry about the headphones breaking or not being able to hear them over the noise around you. 

These earphones are perfect for DJs who need to be aware of their surroundings while still listening to their own music. They also work great when doing sports like running or biking where it’s important to be aware of what’s going on around you but still want some entertainment. This product has an impedance of 16 ohms with.

The Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10 headphones are a great choice for the modern DJ. These headphones have an impressive build quality and a sleek design that is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. If you’re looking for the best in sound reproduction, look no further than these high end headphones from Pioneer DJ.


  • Well-tested and durable
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Bluetooth connection available


  • Sound a little flat in some places
  • Rather large

V-MODA Crossfade M-100

Budget Pick

I have been a big music lover for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are listening to my dad’s records and albums when he would come home from work in the evenings. From that point on, if there was any downtime in the day, you could find me with headphones or earbuds in my ears. My love for all types of music has only grown over time and now I’m constantly looking for new ways to enjoy it with different sound quality levels and technologies. 

It’s a new year and most people are trying to make resolutions. One of the top things on their list is getting healthier. What does that mean for you? That means finding an activity that will keep you moving, whether it be running, biking, lifting weights or swimming. For some people this might not be hard at all! But what about those who don’t have time to go outside and get in their daily exercise? If that sounds like you then there is hope.

! I’m going to tell you about my favorite headphones – V-MODA Crossfade M-100s. They’re noise canceling so they block out any background distractions while working out so I can focus on my body and nothing else. Plus they sound great no.The V-MODA Crossfade M-100 headphones are the best sounding, most stylish and durable headphones on the market. They have a unique design that allows them to be extremely comfortable for long periods of time without any problems with ear fatigue or discomfort. 

The sound quality is unparalleled by other products available in stores, even those that cost twice as much. If you’re looking for high performance noise canceling headphones these are the ones you want to buy!These days it seems like people can’t go anywhere without their music playing from their phone or MP3 player. With so many different kinds of devices out there, however, how do you know which one will give you the best sound? Well look


  • Brilliant build quality
  • Unique and eye-catching design
  • Fantastic dual-diaphragm driver


  • Heavier than similar headphones
  • Expensive accessories for smartphone use

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT

If you’re in the market for a great pair of headphones, but are on a budget, these are an excellent choice. I tested them out extensively and found that they have good sound quality with no noticeable distortion at high volumes. If you need to make calls or take conference calls while wearing your headphones, this is also possible thanks to the built-in microphone. There’s even a Bluetooth connection so you can listen wirelessly without any cords!

For those of you who are looking for a wireless headphone that is not too pricey, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT might be worth your consideration. I have been using this product for about a month and it has been great! The sound quality is pretty good and the battery life is long enough to last my full work day. It also comes with Bluetooth capabilities so you can connect to devices without any cords getting in the way or having to use an aux cord.

The Sennheiser HD25 is a high-end headphone model from the German manufacturer of audio equipment. The headphones are designed for professional monitoring and mixing, as well as home use. They come with a replaceable cable and can be used in both ears or one ear at a time due to their collapsible design.The ATH-M50xBT is a pair of Bluetooth headphones that are versatile, comfortable, and have great sound quality. They have 40mm drivers with rare earth magnets which produce deep bass and clear mid to high tones. 

The closed back design makes these headphones effective at blocking out ambient noise so you can focus on the music or whatever you are listening to without being distracted by people around you or outside noise. There are also 45° swiveling earcups for comfort as well as professional grade materials used throughout the construction. The battery life lasts up to 30 hours before needing a recharge so they’re perfect for long flights or trips where outlets may not be available.


  • Excellent at blocking out excess sound
  • Accurate response level
  • Even mid-range performance


  • Not the best for bass

Behringer HPX6000

The Behringer HPX6000 is a high-powered, high-quality PA system that can be used for both professional and personal purposes. It has the power to fill large spaces with sound while still retaining clarity in sound reproduction. This unit also features an integrated mixer which makes it one of the most versatile pieces of equipment on the market today.

This is my review of the Behringer HPX6000. This product has so many features that I can’t list them all here, but it’s worth mentioning a few. It has an integrated Pro-X FADER EQ with two sweepable high-pass filters and six bands of parametric EQ for shaping your sound, plus onboard compressors to control dynamics. There are also four channels of digital effects from Lexicon® – reverb, chorus/flange, delay/echo and pitch shift – which make it perfect for live use.

A lot of people have been asking me about this new Behringer mixer, so I wanted to give a short review on the pros and cons. This is a very affordable option for those just starting out or who are on a tight budget. It has some great features that will help you get started in your DJing journey, but it does have some drawbacks as well. Overall it’s a good investment if you’re looking to start with something simple and easy to use!

I am reviewing the Behringer HPX6000 headphones. The price is $129 and is available at Amazon. It has a frequency range of 16 Hz to 22 kHz, impedance of 32 ohms, sensitivity is 105dB/mW (higher is better), and it uses neodymium magnets for both the speaker driver and microphone capsule. Let’s get into what I found out about the headphone!


  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Lightweight and easy to transport if you’re in a hurry
  • Professional look for dedicated DJs


  • Not as rugged as some alternative headsets
  • Difficult to adjust the size

Pioneer HDJ-X7-K

The Pioneer HDJ-X7-K are the newest headphones in their line of DJ style headphones. The X7s have a high quality sound that is perfect for any DJ’s needs. They also come with an adjustable headband and replaceable ear pads to ensure comfort while performing or listening to your favorite songs. Whether you are a professional DJ or just someone who loves music, these are the best headphones for you!

The Pioneer HDJ-X7-K is a great pair of headphones. They have a sleek design and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The detachable cable makes it easy to replace if it ever breaks or becomes damaged.If you’re looking for a new set of DJ headphones, then Pioneer’s HDJ-X7-K are an excellent choice. They have ergonomic ear pads that adjust to fit your head and can be rotated 90 degrees depending on your preference.

 The headband is made from aluminum, making it durable and lightweight. You’ll also enjoy the noise isolating feature that will block out all outside sounds so you can focus on what matters most: the music!Pioneer’s HDJ-X7-K headphones are the most expensive of their line. They are also one of the lightest, weighing in at only 240 grams. The headband is made from a single piece of metal and features an ergonomic design that will fit any head comfortably with its wide range of adjustment. 

The ear pads are made from a breathable mesh material to keep your ears cool and sweat free during long DJ sessions or intense workouts, so you can stay focused on the task at hand without worrying about discomfort.Pioneer has released a new set of headphones that are designed for DJs. They have a sleek design and a sturdy build which makes them perfect for the club. These Pioneer HDJ-X7-K DJ Headphones come with hi-res sound, interchangeable cables, and an adjustable headband to fit your head perfectly.  


  • Durable design great for travel
  • Fantastic adjustable components
  • Swiveling headphones


  • A little tight around the head for some


The best way to find the perfect pair of headphones for you is by considering your needs, budget and taste. We hope we’ve been able to help narrow down your options with this blog post! If you’re still not sure which affordable DJ Headphones are right for you, please contact us at [email protected]. With our lifetime warranty on all products and free shipping within Canada, why buy anywhere else

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