5 Best Headphones Under 200 In 2022

5 Best Headphones Under 200 In 2022

If you’re looking for the best headphones under 200, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be taking a look at some of the best models that are available in this price range and give you our opinion on which ones are worth your money. Keep reading to find out more!

Top 3 Headphones Under 200:

A lot of people do not know what to look for in headphones. They often don’t realize the different features and options that are available, or they just assume all types of headphones will be good enough. There is a big difference between the type of headphones you can buy, and it’s important to educate yourself on what makes one pair better than another. This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about buying quality over-ear headphones under 200 dollars that won’t break easily.

A lot of people are looking for the best headphones under 200 because they want to enjoy their favorite songs without disturbing others around them. There are many different types of headphones on the market, but some brands stand out more than others. If you’re looking for a great brand that offers high quality sound and one that will last for years, Beats by Dre is definitely the right choice. Not only do they look stylish, but also provide superior sound quality.

If you enjoy listening to music and want a way to listen in style, then you should consider buying headphones. Headphones come in many different shapes and sizes so they can be used for many purposes. They are also very affordable which makes them even more desirable. If you’d like to learn about the best headphones under 200.

we’ll be looking at the cheap headphones under 200. Headphones are a very personal choice and there is no one headphone that will suit everyone’s taste. However, for those of you who don’t want to spend a lot on a pair of headphones but still need something decent, here are some recommendations. We have taken into account factors such as sound quality, comfortability and durability in our selection process so you can rest assured that these products represent good value for money even though they’re not the top-of-the-line type of headphones available today.

Our Recommendation For Headphones Under 200

Best Pick Sennheiser PXC 550-II Wireless
Check Price
Staff PickJaybird Vista 2
Check Price
Budget PickSennheiser HD 560 S
Check Price
AKG K371
Check Price
Jabra Elite 85h
Check Price

Sennheiser PXC 550-II Wireless

Best Pick

The Sennheiser PXC 550-II Wireless headphones are perfect for people who want to cut the cord and still enjoy their favorite tunes. The noise cancelling feature ensures that you’ll only hear what’s coming from your phone or other device, so you can focus on work or play without any distractions. This set of Bluetooth wireless headphones is a great option for those looking to upgrade their listening experience.

Wireless headphones are perfect for those who want to spend time outside or on the go and still enjoy their favorite music. But with so many wireless headphone options, which one should you choose? Sennheiser PXC 550-II Wireless offers a great balance of features and price that make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a new set of wireless headphones. Hurry over now before they’re gone!

Are you looking for a wireless headphone that gives you the best of both worlds? The Sennheiser PXC 550-II Wireless is designed to be an excellent travel companion. With its noise cancelling features and Bluetooth capabilities, it’s perfect for flights and long trips. It also has a built in microphone and speaker so you can take calls on the go.

The Sennheiser PXC 550-II Wireless is a great wireless headphone for travelers and those who wish to be free of wires. It comes with Bluetooth, NFC, aptX streaming support, and touch controls on the ear cups. The pillowy soft headband is gentle on your hairline while you wear it, so there’s no pulling or tugging at all. Plus it folds up nicely into an included carrying case so you can take it anywhere!


  • Great ANC performance
  • Good sound quality
  • Useful mobile app
  • Foldable, lightweight design


  • Micro-USB instead of USB-C

Jaybird Vista 2

Staff Pick

With the ability to play up to 12 hours of music, this is a great replacement for Apple’s AirPods. The Jaybird Vista 2 wireless earbuds are perfect for anyone who loves working out or just listening to their favorite tunes while on the go. They’re water and sweat resistant so you can take them with you in all sorts of weather conditions without worrying about ruining them. 

Available at Brookstone, these earbuds come with charging cases that will charge your headphones 4 times before needing to be recharged themselves! This makes it easy if you want to throw them in your gym bag and not worry about whether they’ll still have battery life when you get home (which I’ve done). With 3 different sizes of silicone ear tips.

The Jaybird Vista 2 is the newest version of the Jaybird headphone line. The earbuds are sweatproof and come with a lifetime warranty against sweat, which makes them perfect for workouts or other sports activities.  In addition to being waterproof, these headphones have bluetooth 4.1 technology that allows you to connect wirelessly up to 30 feet away from your device without any loss in sound quality or signal strength. 

we will be reviewing the Jaybird Vista 2. The Vista 2 is a wireless in-ear headphone that offers a range of up to 100 feet and 8 hours of battery life per charge. With an IPX7 rating, these headphones are sweatproof and offer a secure fit with customizable ear fins or silicone tips. In addition, they come with three pairs of ear tip sizes for different sized ears and four silicon fin sizes to get the perfect fit for your ear canal. If you’re looking for some new headphones that deliver great sound quality without being bulky or cumbersome then look no further than the Jaybird Vista 2


  • Great out-of-the-box sound
  • Excellent comfort and stability
  • Extremely durable with water-resistant charging case
  • Good battery life


  • Occasional connection stutters

Sennheiser HD 560 S

Budget Pick

The Sennheiser HD 560 S is a pair of headphones that has a great sound quality and offers the user a lot of comfort. It is definitely worth the price you pay for them, because they have an excellent build quality and are very durable. If you’re looking to buy some good studio monitor headphones, then this is the best place to start. Check out this review on these high-end professional grade headphones!

The HD 560 S headphones are one of the best-selling models offered by Sennheiser. The company has been well known for its quality products and these headphones are no exception to that rule. They combine excellent sound quality with superior comfort, making them a must-have item for audiophiles everywhere. For those who wear glasses, it is important to choose a pair of headphones that will not put too much pressure on your head or ears, which can often lead to discomfort during long listening sessions.

I would like to tell you that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on headphones either. A great set can be found for less than $100; Sennheiser HD 560 S is one of them! Designed for home listening and with an open-back design, these headphones provide awesome sound quality at an affordable price! The comfort level is also very high as they are made from plush velvet padding and are lightweight which makes them perfect for long periods of use. These headphones will not disappoint even if your budget is limited

The Sennheiser HD 560 S headphones are very light, comfortable and easy to wear.  They come with an adapter for the 6.3mm jack which is great if you’re not using a PC/Mac at your desk but would like to use these on another device such as a CD player or TV.  The cord length is 10ft long so that gives you plenty of room to move around when listening without having to worry about tugging on the cord too much or ripping it out of whatever device is feeding it power.


  • Exceptional neutral sound
  • Comfortable
  • Big soundstage
  • Velour earpads


  • Can get sibilant at times

AKG K371

The AKG K371 is a headphone that has been specifically designed to be used with computers. They are very lightweight and can be folded into a compact size for easy storage when not in use. Their earpieces are made of soft, padded leather, which makes them very comfortable to wear. The sound quality is perfect for listening to music or watching movies on the computer, but they are also great for gaming because they have an extended bass range that really enhances the sound effects from games like “Battlefield 3.”

The AKG K371 are a pair of high-end headphones that will make you feel like you’re surrounded by the music they produce. These open back, circumaural headphones have 40mm drivers and deliver great sound quality for both professional and personal use. They also feature an adjustable headband so that users can find their perfect fit. If you want to be able to pick out every instrument in your favorite songs, these headphones are the ones for you!

The AKG K371 headphones are a great pair for most people looking to get into the audiophile world. They’re not too expensive, but they still have some of that high end sound quality you can expect from an over ear headphone. These headphones are also very comfortable, which makes them easy to wear for extended periods of time. If you’re looking for a headphone that is affordable and has good sound quality, the AKG K371s are definitely worth checking out!

I am here to review AKG K371 headphones. I have always been a fan of music, especially hip-hop music. So when I was looking for new earphones, this time with the ability to play music wirelessly, it made sense to go with these AKG K371 headphones. It took me a little while to find them in stock at my local store, but they were worth the wait!


  • Great sound quality
  • Comfortable earpads
  • Foldable design
  • Good build quality


  • Might be too bassy/warm for audio purists

Jabra Elite 85h

In the past few years, wireless earbuds have been growing in popularity. The convenience and portability of a wireless device is very appealing to most people. One company that has been making waves recently is Jabra with their Elite 85h Wireless Earbuds. They offer a lot of features for a reasonable price and are very easy to use. If you’ve been looking around for some new earbuds, read on! I’ll go over all the good things about these earbuds as well as how they compare to similar products out there currently on the market

The Jabra Elite 85h are noise cancelling headphones that use the latest in Bluetooth technology. They have a great battery life, they’re lightweight, and they have an incredible sound for their size. If you want to step up your listening experience without breaking the bank, these headphones are definitely worth checking out!

The Jabra Elite 85h is a wireless noise canceling earbud that is perfect for the daily commute, traveling and on-the-go activities. The Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to connect to your smartphone or tablet so you can listen to music or take calls hands free. You’ll be able to hear everything clearly with the powerful sound quality of this pair of earbuds.

The Jabra Elite 85h is a high-end wireless headset that features a noise cancelling microphone and Active Noise Cancellation. It has an in-line remote with volume control buttons, to take calls on the go without having to reach for your phone. The Jabra Elite 85h also comes with the Smart Sensor feature which allows you to activate/deactivate different modes by tilting or turning your head. You can use this headset either wired or wirelessly, so if you’re looking for versatility in this product, have found it!


  • Excellent battery life
  • Bright, detailed sound
  • Nano-coated to resist water


  • ANC could be better at this price point


The best headphones under $200 are those that address your needs. You might want to consider noise cancellation, wireless capability, sound quality and more when you make the decision about which pair of earphones is right for you. We hope our list has given you a good starting point as you search out what type of headphone will work best for your personal needs and budget!

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