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What is polyamory definition and types

They say that love does not understand ages, colors or races, but love is not limited, rare or finite either. The norm in our society, when it comes to relationships, is monogamy, closed relationships. Therefore, any relationship that defies this…

How a woman in love acts


Falling in love is one of the most beautiful and pleasant sensations that people can experience, although it can also lead to bad experiences. But identifying whether or not a person is in love with us and, from there, acting…

does the leave behind miss

leave behind miss

Throughout our lives, we all know or have gone through a breakup, many people may have found that when it is you who puts an end to the relationship, normally, the people around you do not pay the same attention…

how to be emotionally-stronger in love

emotionally-stronger in love

If you constantly ask yourself how to be emotionally stronger in love, it is because you have surely gone through difficult situations in your love relationships where you have been quite emotionally damaged and you feel unable to do something…

Why do I feel inferior to my partner

Why do I feel inferior to my partner

A person who feels inferior to the partner will not only feel inferior to her but also to many more people. However, the couple’s bond is the best mirror we can have in which we can obviously see ourselves reflected…

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