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Text marketing trends to be aware of

Text messages are becoming a more popular and successful digital marketing strategy. A staggering 98% of customers prefer to communicate with firms by text message, contrasted to only 20% of all emails. Many businesses are turning to SMS marketing to attract customers who rely on mobile technology. In 2022, text marketing is expected to be even more popular than it now is. Keep your plan fresh by taking advantage of the most recent developments in SMS marketing.

Consider the following mobile marketing trends for the years 2022 and beyond when developing your digital marketing plan to make the most of SMS:

Incorporate SMS into your cross-channel strategy

There will be a rise in the requirement for platforms and solutions that can work together to achieve desired results for those organizations that currently use text messaging as part of their communications or marketing systems. For Vinomofo, a prominent online wine merchant, utilizing text messaging to connect with consumers was a crucial part of their strategy to build stronger relationships. They could re-engage 50% of their drifting clients and improve conversions by 21% by integrating MessageMedia’s SMS connection into HubSpot, their preferred business development platform.

Use of AI-Enhanced Chatbot in the Mainstream

An extensive text marketing trend, SMS chatbots, is expected to grow in popularity through 2022. Chatbots help customers save effort and time by answering frequently asked questions automatically. Because of recent breakthroughs, mainstream software applications are increasingly using artificial intelligence (AI). SMS software will continue to benefit from these advancements.

You’ll see more chatbots answering client inquiries, completing jobs, and facilitating orders without the need for human contact soon. An additional benefit of AI is that it will help firms personalize messages and generate meaningful consumer connections at a scale, making it easier for them to grow their businesses.

Text Message Triggering for Precision Marketing

Automated messages (also known as auto-reply SMS) enable text marketers to profit from email automation’s ability to increase the number of messages sent significantly.

For instance, you may ask for consumer comments or inform them when a shopping cart is left unattended. Your customers are much more likely to respond to an automated message if it has a personal touch, which SMS provides.

Texting in Large Groups

It is much easier to send messages to a vast number of individuals in a business when you use the mass texting service. Using mass texting, you may communicate with vast groups of individuals in a cost-effective and timely manner. Choose whether to separate those groups to hyper-target persons who meet particular criteria or deliver the message to the whole group at once.

People in various businesses are utilizing mass texting services to deliver mobile discounts, emergency warnings, reminders, status updates, and other messages. With their automatic text message tools, you may even plan your messages and set your SMS strategy on autopilot.

Use an SMS Sender ID to establish trust

Customers are more inclined to connect with and purchase from you if they are acquainted with your brand, becoming more critical as new businesses enter the market every year.

Repeated contacts, such as passing the same shop every day, might be a simple approach to achieve this goal. Sender IDs or naming identifiers may be used to accomplish this with text messaging.

For customer service, use two-way text messaging

Many companies worldwide are now able to provide new forms of customer care and assistance thanks to the advent of two-way SMS. Using SMS, clients may respond at their speed without having to worry about ‘staying on the line’ or risking losing contact with their support representative. In addition, it reduces the stress on customer service representatives who have to satisfy assistance targets daily.

Better outcomes may be achieved by mixing SMS use cases

SMS’s adaptability helps firms to adapt their communication strategy to changing client needs. Businesses may quickly and creatively address problems by merging use cases, sometimes sequentially.

Simply for Strings had a huge issue with abandoned cart retrieval. An abandoned cart reminder text alone could not address this problem, given the tremendous effort, study, and decision-making that goes into acquiring a string instrument.

A common hurdle for many online purchases is easy access to customer service and knowledge. Customers might instantly reach a competent expert straight away to assist them to make a more confident and educated buying choice.


Having learned about the most recent SMS trends, you can now share them with others. Which way this will aid in the optimization of your forthcoming text campaigns and plans for 2022 is entirely up to you!



Author: Hannah Gilbert

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