Top Reasons to choose Medicare Advantage Plan

Once after reaching the age of 60 or 65 your body starts to become weak and your immune system starts to lose its ability to fight illness or diseases Consequently, this is very common in old age people and they face medical problems at some point after 60 years of age. So, in order to take care of yourself or your loved ones it is essential that you timely enroll for Medicare plans. Besides there are many Medicare plans that are offered by government and private companies and one of them is Medicare advantage plan which is the most preferred one. Thus, in this article we will be talking about Medicare advantage plan and how it is different and better from other Medicare plans.

  1. Coverage for dental, hearing and vision– This is an additional benefit that you get in Medicare advantage plan and original Medicare plan do not cover problems related to these three. Thus, this benefit sets apart the advantage plan from original plan, the benefits include dental coverage, vision coverage, hearing aid and hearing exam. These health care benefits are important as most of the people after crossing the age of 60 or 65 start to develop issues in eyesight, ear and teeth, paying attention to these issues is necessary as they can hinder the daily performance of a person. Moreover, Medicare advantage plan cover the prescription of drugs which isn’t covered in original Medicare plan, and you need to pay extra amount to cover drug prescription in original plan. Hence, from the benefit point of view, Medicare advantage plan has an edge over original plan, and they cover a greater number of benefits without any extra cost.
  2. Prioritize accessibility, wellness and preventative health– The most important factor of healthcare is that it should be easily and readily available without any extra effort. Keeping this in mind the Medicare advantage plan comes with easy accessibility and covers overall wellness of a person. While the original Medicare plan is only available in some states, but fortunately Medicare advantage plan offer emergency worldwide coverage. Besides, the best part of Medicare advantage plan is that they cover overall wellbeing of a person and offers most preventative health benefits at zero costs. Moreover, it also covers benefits like free gym-membership and free purchase of medicines, this you won’t find in original Medicare plan. Hence, in all Medicare advantage plan covers almost every minor healthcare benefit which is necessary to ensure the overall health of a person, and it saves you from paying extra cost to avail medicines prescriptions.
  3. Medicare advantage plan is better than medigapWhile most people confuse between Medicare advantage plan and Medicare supplemental plan or medigap, but these two aren’t the same. The biggest difference between the two plans is of premium. Medicare supplemental plans are based on premium that means as you age you need to pay extra amount for healthcare and medicine in the form of premium and the premium is added after every year, you can check for some of the medigaps plan on In consequence, this means that you pay more money and get less benefits in Medicare supplemental plans. Plus, Medicare supplemental plan do not cover any supplemental benefit like vision, hearing or dental unlike Medicare advantage plan. Moreover, unlike Medicare supplemental plan Medicare plan offers you flexibility to switch the plan if you aren’t happy with the existing one, according to the federal law you can switch to the original Medicare plan during the duration of 12 months of joining the Medicare advantage plan.
    1. Medicare advantage plan is economical– This is the best benefit of Medicare advantage plan over other plans, that it saves you a lot of money and it is economical. The original Medicare plan only covers the cost up to 80% and the remaining 20% has to be borne by the beneficiary, which isn’t budget friendly and you get limited benefits as well. However, Medicare advantage plan is different, in this the beneficiary is only responsible to pay small copay which is usually less than 20% and the remaining amount is covered in the plan. Consequently, in this way Medicare advantage plan can alone saves a lot of money on the yearly basis including the hospitalization charges.

    Who can apply for Medicare Advantage Plan or Part C Plan?

    You are eligible to enroll or apply for Medicare advantage plan if you have already joined original Medicare plan that is Part A and Part B. There are plenty of advantages of having Medicare advantage plan, as it is the complete package of all the required medical facilities that you might be looking for. Overall, the plan covers benefits of Part A and B along with additional benefits. Besides, most importantly the Medicare advantage plans are offered by private companies. Thus, you need to make sure that you reside close to the area where your service provider or the company is located. You can check whether or not the plan is available in your locality by checking the government’s website. There you will find every detail about the Medicare advantage plans, like, at what places they are offered, how they are offered and what all benefits do they cover. You can check from your which is the most suitable plan for you before choosing a Medicare advantage plan.


    Medicare advantage plan is best for you if you wish to cover your overall health in a single plan. Medicare plan looks after your overall health by offering additional benefits such as vision checkups, dental checkups, and hearing aids. Moreover, the premium amount payable on Medicare advantage plan is very low compared to original Medicare plan which makes it economical. And most importantly it is easily accessible, so at any point of time if you wish to enroll for the plan then you can do it very easily. However, you must enroll into original Medicare plan only then you will become eligible for enrolling into Part C. Hence, after enrolling for Part A and Part B, you can have access to benefits of Part C at minimal cost.

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