10 Reasons Why You Need to Learn the Six Sigma Green Belt

Six Sigma is one of the popular, well-known, and trusted certification courses, wherein students learn certain methodologies regarding business processes and project management. A candidate is said to have a six sigma green belt when he/ she has a work experience of at least three years. The candidate must have an excellent knowledge of the tools and processes of Six Sigma.


Now, in order to be proficient in Six Sigma, one needs to get a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt™ Certification orLSSGB Certification. Having this certification course will simplify the complex topics and help in solving problems. This course will prove your expertise in completing the project on time. Having this credential will help in reducing the operating costs of your company.


Large companies are always on the lookout for Six Sigma certificate holders because they will be able to improve team and project management in a much better way. People will spend more time on strategy-building and decision-making, thereby perfecting the project planning process.

Now, there are certain reasons why you must get this certification. Let us have a look at those reasons.


Why Must You Learn the Six Sigma Green Belt?

Here are the 10 reasons why you should learn the LSSGB and get enrolled in it.

  1. Reducing Risks and Eliminating Errors

When you do a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt™ Certification course, you become an expert at reducing risks and eliminating errors within the organization. You effectively cover up for all the defects by analyzing the processes of business of the organization. For instance, the malfunctioning and releasing toxic waste material can be handled by people giving the Six Sigma credential because they have domain-specific knowledge.

The credential holders can also identify the manufacturing process through defective output.


  1. Improved Quality of Business

Improvement of the business processes is one among many benefits of getting a Six Sigma Certification. A Six Sigma Green Belt carries out regular inspections of the business processes in order to analyze their functioning and workflow. The domain-specific knowledge gained can help in knowing the setup, design, and layout through which he/ she can quickly detect flaws.

After finding the flaws, the credential holder quickly works towards redesigning the processes, thereby eliminating the flaws. This, in turn, helps in improving the overall quality of business.


  1. Tackling Issues

The best thing about learning a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt™ Certification is that one can handle a lot of problems that companies face on a daily basis. The course is filled with tools and techniques that are extremely effective. Due to this one factor, the people holding the certification have a high demand in terms of jobs across the globe. Many organizations seek out Six Sigma Green Belts for various projects and ventures.


  1. Compliance with Other Companies

A Six Sigma Green Belt is responsible for ensuring that the products and services offered by the company comply with the international standard committees and other regulatory bodies. For this to happen, one has to be well-versed with all the documents provided to the international organizations. Thus, a Six Sigma Green Belt holder will have complete expertise regarding various governing bodies and regulatory bodies to comply with them.


  1. Having Good Managerial Positions

A Six Sigma Green Belt certification is an essential part to become a green belt in Six Sigma. People having this credential have a lot of roles and responsibilities. He/ she is a manager who takes care of the system defects and ensures the proper functioning of the business processes. This is done so that the people in managerial positions can have an eagle-eye view of the entire project to lead and direct it effectively.


  1. Good Salary Packages

Six Sigma Green Belts are considerably high in demand. But the supply of people having the Six Sigma Green Belt certification course is very less. This is the reason why large companies provide good salary packages to people holding green belts. The certification course is evident of the fact that the person is an expert and professional in the field. Thus, high salary packages are provided to such people to retain them at any cost.


  1. Comprehensive Certification

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt™ certification is one of the comprehensive certifications that exist today. From beginning to the end, the course includes all important topics that are necessary for people to learn and understand. It gives the learner a solid base in core subjects like DMADV, DMAIC, Problem-Solving, etc. Thus, in order to gain a comprehensive knowledge of every domain, Six Sigma certification is essential.


  1. No Eligibility Criteria

There is no advanced experience or educational degree required for applying for the Six Sigma course. This is one of the main reasons why this certification is popular. People from all walks of life can avail this certification easily.

Having no eligibility criteria makes this course a golden ladder for poor and downtrodden people. They can apply for this course to uplift themselves and improve their standard of living.


  1. A Wide Array of Methodologies

The Lean Six Sigma Green Betl™ Certification includes a wide range of methodologies like control charts, dashboards, governance, etc., to successfully finish the projects. The course includes sophisticated tools and techniques to make the processes of a business easier. Project management also becomes quite easy due to this. With each new project, the person becomes experienced, thereby completing future projects at a faster rate. Thus, the methodologies provided by this certification course help the person in each and every way.


  1. High ROI

A Six Sigma Green Belt has to fulfill various roles and responsibilities. Doing this certification course is a kind of investment because the demand for people having this credential is very high and the supply is quite less. The rewards that Six Sigma Green Belts get are exponentially higher than other courses. Thus, this certification course gives a very high return on investment made earlier by people themselves.



Having a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt™ Certification yields a lot of profits as compared to other courses. The recognition, salary, and experience gained are unparalleled. People must apply for this certification course to have a better understanding of methodologies to run the business processes effectively. Making project management easy is very essential. And this can definitely be done with a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course. Apply now!

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