The Most Important Things To Know About Evacuation Seats

Various mobility aids make transferring patients from one place to another easier. An evacuation chair is a mechanical device designed to safely and securely evacuate people with limited mobility in an emergency. 

These particular chairs are made with durable material and provide a secure and stable seat that can be moved easily. These chairs can significantly reduce the time needed to evacuate those with limited mobility in case of an emergency.


An evacuation seat offers the added benefit of allowing disabled people to evacuate at the same speed as everyone else in the group. This is especially important in a chaotic and dangerous situation, where every minute can make a difference. With the assistance of this chair, disabled people can move away safely and quickly alongside everyone else. 

These chairs can be easily transported and stored. Most of these chairs can be mounted on walls, are foldable, and don’t take up a lot of space. This makes them ideal for storing in a designated storage area such as a closet or near an emergency exit. 

These chairs are designed to be lightweight yet highly durable and robust, ensuring they can withstand the rigours of an evacuation process. Most of these chairs are made with high-grade materials designed to last many years. 

Tips for buying Evacuation seats online:

Make sure you know what type of evacuation chair you need and why. Different chairs are designed for various purposes, depending on the user’s needs. For example, some chairs have features for people with physical disabilities, while some are designed for older adults.

Make sure to research different manufacturers and compare customer reviews and ratings. Research the supplier and ensure you buy from an experienced and reputable company with an excellent track record. 

Look for any additional accessories or features included with the evacuation chair. This can include a harness and seat belt system, power switches, emergency alarms, and more.  

Consider the weight capacity of the evacuation chair you’re considering. Some chairs may not be equipped to handle heavier bodies, so it’s essential to be aware of the chair’s limits. 

Options available: 

There are a variety of evacuation chairs available on the market today, ranging from those with wheeled bases to those with a frame that one can easily carry. For those primarily used for people with physical disabilities, wheeled-based chairs are the best choice. These chairs provide a greater sense of freedom since the user can manoeuvre and control the chair, providing an element of mobility. 

Carrying chairs is ideal for older adults and those with weaker upper body strength. These chairs are lightweight and easier to move around, making them an excellent choice for those who may not be physically able to manoeuvre the wheel-based chairs. 

On-site training:

It is also highly recommended to invest in on-site evacuation training. This training will teach the user how to properly and safely use the evacuation chair. During the session, you will learn essential techniques such as proper posture, securing your seat belt, and other safety measures. An evacuation training session should also assist you with an understanding of the different evacuation scenarios and how to adapt to different environments. 


Evacuation seats are essential safety equipment for any building with occupants with limited mobility. These unique chairs provide the added benefit of allowing disabled people to evacuate at the same speed as everyone else. When buying an evacuation chair, it is essential to research the different models and manufacturers to ensure that you select the best-suited one for your needs.

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