10 Very Good Signs Podcasting Is the Right Move for You

They said that television killed radio a long time ago, but podcasting has resurrected the old medium in a completely modern way. According to Podcast Insights, almost half the population of the United States has listened to a podcast as of 2018. There are podcasts for literally everything: Christian talk shows, political and social commentary, movie criticisms, comedy, fiction and story-telling, and most importantly, management and marketing. If you’ve ever listened to a podcast on anything, you know just how informative and entertaining it can be. So why not start your own? Here are 10 very good signs podcasting is a step in the right direction for you and your brand.

1: You Want to Connect With Your Customers

There are so many examples of business owners and brand ambassadors who have taken their skills, know-how, and expertise to a podcast in order to connect with existing and future customers. Podcasting is a 100% free way to add value to your brand and website.

2: You Want to Increase Your Reach

Sure, there are thousands of podcasts on every subject under the sun. But none of them have your point of view. A weekly podcast is a great way to reach other people who may have never heard of you or your brand before.

3: You Are an Expert in Your Field

Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Jillian Michaels, and Neil Patel are all experts in completely different fields. Sure, they may sell books, workout DVDs, and other products, but what they give away for free—their knowledge—is invaluable. Their listeners love that. If you’re an expert, a podcast is a perfect platform to showcase that, which increases your brand authority and, indirectly, boosts your SEO.

4: Others Can Learn From Your Insight

If you have a podcast, you have something to say. Whether you’re a lawyer or a chef, other people who are aspiring to be like you will gain free and invaluable knowledge from the horse’s mouth. Plus, the more often people learn from you, the more they’ll tune in every week.

5: You Want to Boost Your SEO

Podcasts are a great way to boost your off-page SEO. It’s no secret that people use podcasting to drive listeners to their site. Once traffic starts to flow, your search engine result page ranking will naturally improve. Who doesn’t want that? Want to know more about how podcasts can affect your SEO? Click here.

6: You Have the Time and Can Make the Commitment

There are way more unsuccessful podcasts out there than successful ones and even fewer ones that are household names. What makes a podcast successful? That might depend a lot on the subject matter, but no podcast is going to survive without a few basic necessities: your time and commitment. Before you start buying equipment and designing a schedule, ask yourself if you even have time to commit to writing, hosting, producing, and uploading regular episodes. Podcasts are a lot of work, as you probably know. Even if you like the idea of hosting your very own podcast, you have to make sure it’s feasible. A part of that commitment also includes being willing to spend money on decent equipment. When you’re just starting out, you may be able to get away with low-cost or even free hardware and software. But you’ll quickly become frustrated when you realize that your iPhone mic just doesn’t give you that polished sound you need to sound somewhat professional. Learn more about what it takes to start your podcast here.

7: The Possibility of Collaboration Excites You

What’s another way you can boost your SEO and work with other people in your community? Collaborating with others who are experts in their field brings in more listeners and drives more traffic to your site. As it turns out, all that is secondary because, for you, the real excitement is being able to discuss important and interesting topics with other people…your people!

8: You Care About an Issue and Want to Be Heard

As you can see from the infographic above, the majority of podcast listeners are intelligent and educated, which means, you might assume, that they are hungry for interesting, informative, and entertaining discussions that matter to them. As it turns out, you are just the guy or gal who has what they’re looking for. Who better to inspire and inform your listeners than someone who knows what they’re talking about and who cares a great deal about subject X?

9: Podcasting Suits Your Brand

While there may be podcasts about every subject under the sun, your brand may not be suitable as one. Can your expertise sustain a regularly scheduled podcast? Is your brand niche enough to attract a loyal audience of people that seek out advice, tips, and guidance from someone like you? Is your brand interesting and part of something bigger? Does it have something to say on a larger scale? Is what your brand represents interesting? Finally, is a podcast necessary?

10: You Think Podcasting Will Be Fun

The biggest sign that you should start podcasting is that you really want to! Don’t bother starting a podcast if you don’t think you’ll enjoy it. If you’re going to start podcasting, don’t do it just for the sake of increasing brand awareness and boosting SEO. It’s not worth it. But if the SEO perks of podcasting are secondary (or at least equal) to the pure enjoyment of starting your very own podcast.

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