3 Reasons for Hair Loss in Males

3 Reasons for Hair Loss in Males

A good percentage of the male population deal with this problem. No one talks about it enough, but early hair loss in men is a common occurrence. There are a couple of reasons why this happens. Some of them can be because of lifestyle choices. Often, it is because of elements that are out of a person’s control.


Continue reading below to know more about the reasons behind male hair loss. We explain each one and, in the end, discuss a viable hair loss treatment for men.

1. Hormone Levels

One of the main reasons for early hair loss for males is a shift in hormone levels. As we all know, a male’s testosterone levels aren’t the same when they are 50 compared to when they are 20 years old. Even if they stick to a consistently healthy lifestyle, there is no escaping the fact that as they age, their body composition changes.


Sometimes, hair loss can serve as a symptom of some underlying diseases. It is best to check in with a doctor if the hair loss is instant and in large quantities. Early hair loss can also negatively affect a man’s psychological well-being.


Males should ensure they consume a well-balanced diet, take enough vitamins, and stick to a healthy lifestyle. It is better to do as much as possible to prevent early hair loss than to experience it a few years prematurely.

2. Genetics

A common reason for early hair loss in males is genetics. Men who experience early hair loss due to genetics have little to no option to avoid this from happening. It is best that these men just accept the fact that they will lose their hair and be content with it.


White males usually experience genetic hair loss. Their genetic structure almost always equates to some sort of hair loss once they push the age of 50 onwards. The spaces on their scalp slowly close. Males will experience their hair slowly getting thinner and thinner until they cannot grow new strands anymore.


It usually affects the head’s crown and not the head’s sides or back. Men can either get a wig to cover the bald spot or just shave everything off and sport a bald head. It depends on the person which one would suit them more than the other.

3. Disease

There are also a couple of diseases that can contribute to male hair loss at any age. Alopecia Areata is a common skin condition that is responsible for patchy hair loss all over the body. Trichotillomania is another reason for hair loss. It is a mental disorder that heightens the urge to pull out hair from your head.


How people wear their hair can also contribute to hair loss. Tight ponytails can cause tractional alopecia, equating to permanent hair loss if done consistently. Drugs that people consume can also have hair loss as a side effect. Medication for depression, cancer, high blood pressure, heart problems, gout, and arthritis is all under the spectrum.


There are unofficial studies that some women prefer males with bald heads. Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars sport the bald head look. Jason Statham, Dwayne the Rock Johnson, and Denzel Washington, to name a few. Bald men are seen to be more powerful and more confident with themselves.


It can also show a certain level of stature and power. You can save a lot of money by not buying shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products. Additionally, you can even maintain the bald head yourself, so you’d save money on haircuts.



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