6 Top Custom Printed Keyrings to be Used as Promotional Items

Companies use promotional products to make the most of their advertising campaigns. These products, containing a company’s slogan or logo, are used for sales, advertising, and marketing purposes. 

Items used for promotional purposes include clothing, bags, caps, drinkware, sports and outdoor equipment, and printing materials. While these are good promotional items, none beat the utility and effectiveness of key chains. 

Almost everybody uses keychains regularly, storing them in their pockets or attaching them to their pants. Printing your brand’s logo on these items reminds the client of you every time they use it for some purpose. 

Your customers will also thank you for this gift because it makes life more convenient. Moreover, they have impressive longevity, unlike some items that incur damage and are discarded after being used a few times. 

What key rings can you use to promote your brand, and how can a branding company help you? Read on to know.


Types of customised key chains

Promotional product suppliers have an impressive stock of custom branded keyrings in various styles and sizes, each serving a unique purpose and catering to a specific audience. Here are some of them.

  • Dental floss 

These are suitable for dentists and anybody involved in the dental industry. It is shaped like a tooth and consists of dental floss under its flip-top. 

  • Bottle opener 

These rings are beautiful to look at while serving a functional purpose simultaneously. Beverage enthusiasts can use it to open their favourite soda or drinks, and every time they do that, they are reminded of your company through the logo at the front. Podiatrists and pedicurists will also find these extremely helpful.

  • Fortune cookie 

It is shaped like a cookie and is perfect for restaurant owners and others in the food industry. Most of these are metal or nickel plated and open in between, allowing companies to showcase their message.

  • Solar-powered torch

Solar-powered torch keyrings are ideal if your company believes in sustainability. They are eco-friendly, come in an acrylic casing, and emit an impressive, super-bright light. 

Campers, hikers and individuals who love spending time outdoors will find these particularly helpful. They are lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. These come with a stainless steel ring on which you can advertise your company’s name, design, or logo. 

  • Hard hat

A hard hat keychain is ideal for targeting clients in the construction industry. It is a personalized keychain containing squeezable foam, making it the perfect stress reliever. 

  • USB 

One of the best promotional keychain products you can think of is the USB keyring. They are a fast and effective way of transferring files between computers and make for stylish gifts for your corporate clients. Besides being compact, lightweight, and handy, they are compatible with most computers. 


Most companies prefer distributing USB chains because it allows them to put useful information like brochures, company vision, products, etc. 


How can a branding company help you?

Besides helping you find the suitable keychain for your company, a branding company can create a personalised keyring that best serves your purpose. They can bulk brand your company’s logo or design and ensure you receive those as fast as possible. Their experts will assist you with the product’s design, size, etc. 

You can use these keyrings as promotional products to target audiences, bring attention to your brand, increase leads, and, eventually, generate sales. Hiring a product supply company will ensure you receive the right product.

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