8 Ways a Small Company Can Use the Postal Service to Grow Their Business

In today’s world, there are many ways to reach customers. With so many options available, it can be difficult for small businesses to determine which method is best for them. Luckily, the postal service can help small businesses grow in several ways. Here are eight ways a small company can use the postal service to achieve its marketing and business goals.

1. Leverage the Post Office

One of the best things about the postal service is that it is more than just a business entity. It is government-run. This means that some federal laws and regulations must be followed. However, this also means certain benefits are available to business owners who go through the proper channels when ordering products and services. One of these benefits is access to postal pricing, which essentially lowers the cost of many products and services. For example, suppose a small business owner wants to advertise in a local paper. In that case, they can order their advertising space from the post office and pay only $0.10 per square inch instead of going through a print-run company or an online service.


There are never any downfalls to using the postal service as a small business owner. When you need help figuring out how to get the most out of your postage budget and how you can use mail-in in other ways that you might not have thought of before, look no further than the georgetown post office.

2. Add Anti packs to your Mail Kit

There are several reasons a small business may want to send mail to their customers. It could be that they just sent out a large order and want to thank everyone for purchasing from them, or it could be that the owner wants to reach out personally and check up on their customers who haven’t purchased in a while. One of the best ways for businesses to bring back customers who have become inactive is by sending out postcards. However, this can be costly if first-class postage is used and the mail piece is returned as undeliverable. If a business uses their postcard mailing supplies to include an anti-pack in the mail piece, there is less chance that the customer’s mail will get returned.

3. Use Postmarks as a Coupon Distribution Method

Another way that the post office can be used is as a coupon distribution method. This can be done by purchasing one ounce of prepaid stamps and then creating postmark labels with information about your business. Customers won’t receive another copy of this coupon, but they will see it on their letter when they open it up, so they know to use it at that location.

4. Use Mail to Test Demand for Your Product

If you want to test the demand for your product, there are two ways you can do this. The first is by sending out postcards with a discount, and the second is by ordering business reply mail. Business reply mail is a form of bulk mailing where the customer’s address information is printed on the front of the envelope to be used as a return address if they respond. This service offers several discounts, which may also be advertised on their postcard.

5. Use Postage to Pay for Advertising in a Print Publication

Local advertising is one of the best ways for a small business to reach customers. However, placing ads in print publications can be expensive, so using postage can provide discounts that help businesses reach the readers they want. For example, if a small business owner wants to advertise in a local paper, they can purchase a certain amount of postage and use that cost as their advertising budget. To do this, they will need to know the cost per ad before ordering the mail piece or insert and budget accordingly.

6. Use Competing Mail for Order Tracking

Another way that businesses can use the postal service to their advantage is by using competing mail. This allows a business to track the orders from those customers who didn’t receive the order in time. This can be done by sending an inquiry to a customer’s mailbox and requesting that they contact you regarding missing orders. By doing this, they will know what customers are missing out on and will be able to respond accordingly.

7. Use Mail for Newsletter Distribution

A newsletter is an excellent way for small businesses to share their knowledge. This is an excellent way to build customer loyalty and support their local business in the community where they live. However, it can be costly when printing and postage are factored in. To lower this cost, a small business can order postcard stamps and place their newsletter on prepaid postcards so that customers can send them back when they are done reading the newsletter.

8. Use Mail for Follow-Up Calls/Inquiries

Another great use of mail is follow-ups to telephone calls or customer inquiries. If a customer makes a phone call to a business, for example, the business owner can call back and leave a message on their voicemail. If this doesn’t seem like something the customer would look at immediately, they can send them an email. If they are still unsatisfied after this, they can send them a mail asking that they contact you during regular business hours within 24-48 hours so you can look into what it is they are having a problem with. This is also an excellent way to increase your sales if you need help with upselling.


When small businesses use the postal service to their advantage, there is almost no limit to what the business owner can do. Whether a business owner wants to create new revenue or save money on advertising, just take advantage of the benefits available to business owners who use mail for their products and services.

For your company to grow, you need to make decisions based on facts, not fears. And one such fact is that the Postal Service can be a reliable business partner when you are ready to scale up.

All it takes is a proper plan and some effort by both parties. So what are you waiting for? Start exploring your options today!



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