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Bob Kotick net worth: How much does Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick earn?

Bobby Kotick, the 58 year old CEO of an American video game holding company and creator of “Call Of Duty” (a popular first-person shooter) has a net worth that is estimated at $600 million. He became CEO in 2008 after merging with blizzard entertainment which makes him very successful for his age group!

Full NameRobert A. Kotick
Birth Date9631
Birth PlaceUnited States
Ex-wifeNina Kotick
Net Worth$600 million

Early life

Robert A. Kotick was born in 1963 to a wealthy family, who had business interests across many industries including banking and media. He grew up with an interest for entrepreneurship at such an early age that by his senior year of high school he had started running clubs during off hours while attending classes himself!

In 1983, while studying art history at the University of Michigan in his early 20’s, he initiated a technology company with friend Howard Marks. They worked on software for Apple II computers and later met real estate developer Steve Wynn who invested $300K into their startup enterprise called Arktronics which developed graphics-based designs like eurorack synthesizers coming out now!

Bobby Kotick Net Worth & Career

After meeting with Steve Jobs in 1987, who advised him to drop out of college and focus on their software business instead; Bobby took the big decision that would change his life forever. He bought controlling stake Leisure Concepts after failed persuading Commodore International’s then-chairman Irvin Gould sell it off from under them when they couldn’t afford such an expense themselves .

After a 25% stake was bought in December 1990, Kotick became the CEO of Activision. He acquired 9 development studios from 1997-2003 and released their first hit game in 1995.

In 2006, Brian Kotick initiated a discussion on merging Activision with the games division of Vivendi including Sierra Entertainment and Blizzard Entertainment. He was successful to engineer this merger which ultimately led him into creating his new company called “Activision Blizzard”.

Kotick announced the creation of a professional esports league for Overwatch in October 2016. Before that, he had acquired companies Major League Gaming and King By this time Fortune Magazine named Bobby as head over any publicly traded technology company.

Personal Life

Bobby Kotick was married to a woman named Nina. He and his ex-wife separated with the divorce in late 2012, but they still share some love for their three children: Grace (an Economics & International Relations double major at Brown University), Audrey who earned her degree from Duke University as well before moving on to serve government workers in Washington D.C., where she currently works; lastly Emily is studying sports management at Michigan right now!

In November 2021, employees of Blizzard walked out a second time this year to demand the resignation of CEO Bobby Kotick. They went on strike after reading an article from Wall Street Journal that discussed how he handled alleged sexual misconduct at his company.

Some people believe that corporate executives at Activision Blizzard are driving the best employees out of their company. That is why they gathered outside its headquarters on Tuesday, November 16th with signs reading “Unaccountable Bureaucrats Are Driving The Best Employees Out Of Activision Blizard” and “No Confidence In Kotick”.

The company’s employees walked out for the first time in July 2021 after California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed a 29-page lawsuit against them. The suit alleges that women didn’t receive fair compensation compared to men, leading up this year’s walkout where thousands more workers joined their ranks across America!

Bobby Kotick Net Worth

In 2021, the CEO of Activision Blizzard is reportedly earning a salary around $30 million. His personal wealth has been estimated to be as high at 600 million dollars!

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