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Dairo Antonio Usuga net worth: What is his real net worth?

Dario Antonio Úsuga is a Colombian Drug Trafficker who is viewed as one of the most perilous lawbreakers at present in Colombia who has been blamed for killing the people who come in the method of running his medication cartel, including cops. Otoniel total assets is inaccessible right now is as yet under survey.

Full NameDario Antonio Úsuga
Birth DateSeptember 15, 1971
Birth PlaceNecocli, Antioquia, Colombia
ProfessionDrug Trafficker
Relationship StatusN/A
Net WorthUnder Review

Early Life

Dario was a piece of the Popular Liberation Army which was known as a socialist guerilla bunch with whom he was supposedly connected with until 1991. He was then a piece of the United Self-Defenses of Colombia. However this was an extreme right paramilitary gathering, it was additionally a medication dealing bunch through which Dario got dynamic in drug dealing.

Otoniel Net Worth and Career

Later on, he turned into a piece of the scandalous medication dealing bunch known as Los Urabeños which was controlled by the medication head boss named Daniel Rendón Herrera. It was here that Dario would scale the stepping stool of this illicit business and after some time, his impact over the gathering got so enormous that he assumed responsibility for the whole gathering close by his sibling named Giovanni.

They were maintaining an extremely hazardous business that additionally elaborate a ton of killing. His sibling, Giovanni would likewise not have the option to get by with this danger and therefore, would lose his life during a police attack. From that point forward, as opposed to pulling out, Dario chose to take the total administration to proceed with the cartel.

Throughout the long term, he has likewise become known as a head of the medication dealing bunch called Gulf Clan where he is better known by the name called Otoniel. Under his administration, the association has become famously known to be among the most over the top savage associations on the planet.

A portion of the violations they are at fault for incorporate killing cops who were chipping away at pursuing them, physically mishandling youngsters, just as the enlistment of minors to run pieces of their business. This isn’t something that has simply occurred over the most recent few years yet rather has been going on for 10 years.

Be that as it may, the police couldn’t snag him during this time. Since a great deal of the medications that they supply are to the United States of America, he is high on their objective rundown and has given an award of up to $5 million to give the data prompting catching him.

The Colombian government has additionally been pursuing him for quite a while and offered an abundance of $800,000 for the people who were fruitful in catching him. At long last, later numerous years, Dario was caught by the Columbian expert in October of 2021. When he was captured, he previously had an aggregate of 132 warrants that were set against him.

This has been considered as a major accomplishment for the public authority there as their association’s violations brought about manslaughter expanding by over 400% there.

Personal Life

There is no data present with respect to the conjugal status of Dario nor assuming he has any kids. Since he is caught, there may be more data that may come with respect to this before very long.

Otoniel Net Worth

Starting at 2021, Otoniel’s total assets is as yet under survey. Dario’s association was liable for working in 13 of the 32 divisions of medications in Colombia which adds up to a large number of dollars of illicit business they were working. In this manner, further examination will actually want to show how much cash he had the option to make through his violations.

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