dental veneers and crowns

Dental Veneers And Crowns

Today we are going to talk about veneers and dental crowns as methods to beautify your smile. Dental veneers and crowns, Surely, you have many doubts about them, since both are used for aesthetic purposes.

However, there are substantial differences between them and that is what we are going to discover during this article. We are going to tell you in detail what are the most significant differences between dental veneers and crowns.


Dental veneers: main features

Dental veneers the veneers are based on small size sheets that stick to the teeth using advanced techniques, and which give the shape and color desired for aesthetic treatment.

The reasons for using this technique can be various, but mainly the people who go to this treatment want to solve yellow teeth, breaks or small deformities or deviations of the tooth.

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding this treatment is whether veneers can be placed on teeth with caps. The answer most coined by professionals is that although this technique is possible, it will always be better to place a new cover, since the adhesion will not be the same and we run the risk of not obtaining the expected result.


Types of veneers today

Composite veneers: These are veneers made of resin and small amounts of ceramic. They adhere to the tooth and are then hardened with LEDs. They are usually somewhat cheaper, but their material is somewhat more porous and they spoil sooner.

Porcelain veneers : these are the most recommended since they do not deteriorate over time, nor do they change their color. Its durability is longer and better results are obtained.

dental veneers and crowns
dental veneers and crowns

Crowns or dental covers

Crowns , also known as dental caps, like veneers have the characteristic that they work as a beautifier for the tooth. Dentista, But in addition, they are used when there are reasons of force majeure, either because the tooth is damaged or broken, and it has not been possible to recover through the filling technique.

Crowns require a much more thorough preparation, since they have to have the exact shape of the tooth to be wrapped, as well as a very precise carving and filing to avoid possible accidents and problems with other teeth.


Crowns or covers for teeth

The main difference in terms of their shape is that crowns have the full shape of the tooth, while veneers are only sheets that are placed in the front part.


Frequent doubts about crowns or dental covers

The most frequent question regarding this treatment is its durability. It’s forever? Do you have any special care? What does its deterioration depend on? The answer depends largely on the type of crown we wear, since there are permanent and temporary crowns.

There is no rule on the duration, but in principle, if we maintain proper hygiene and do not suffer mishaps, they can last up to 20 years.


How to choose between crowns or veneers?

Now comes the biggest question, how can I choose between veneers and crowns? Or more importantly, which of the two options will give me a perfect smile?

Veneers and crowns have advantages and disadvantages, as we have been observing throughout this article, but the definitive answer to this question should always be given by a specialist.

One thing if you must be very clear, if you have any type of problem related to lack of teeth , without a doubt the answer will be that you opt for crowns .

Another important nuance is that it must be borne in mind that not all teeth have to necessarily undergo the same treatment. That is, we can count on veneers in some teeth for aesthetic reasons, and use the covers for teeth in others, for oral health reasons.

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