The Best Times to Post on Social Media for your Digital Marketing Strategy

So you’ve finally got a digital marketing strategy down, and are posting killer content on the regs—awesome! Not so awesome? You work hard to create engaging content for your audience. So why oh why aren’t you getting all the likes, comments, shares and click-throughs that you deserve? It’s not enough to have engaging content. As Kissmetrics wisely shares: “When you share is as important as what and where.” Keep in mind, there is no one exact magical time to post. Think of the below results as more of a starting point before looking at your own unique audience, testing different posting schedules and measuring results….to find the best time for you! Here’s what the majority of digital marketers and digital marketing research have found to be the most optimal times to post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, your Blog and to send email blasts.


Most digital marketers agree that  between 11AM to 1PM Monday through Friday is the best time to post on Instagram. Besides, who isn’t scrolling through the app on their phone on their lunch hour? Instagram scheduling app Later also adds 7PM to 9PM as another popular time slot. If it’s high engagement you’re after, Wednesdays and Thursdays are best for that, while both Social Sprout and Later note lazy Sundays for being the least engaging day of the week. Again the timings indicated aren’t necessarily a full proof plan to getting the most engagement. You’ll need to get in your audience’s shoes for a full-proof digital marketing strategy. Ask yourself, when do your followers scroll in a typical day? Are they more likely to check at work? Afterwards? En route? The time zone that the majority of your followers are in will also make a big difference.


While millennials may now baulk at the social network, with 71% of users visiting every day, that’s more than any other social network. It’s no wonder 93% of markers using it as their top choice for social media advertising, but that also means organic engagement is more difficult to come by. Digital marketing researchers agree between 12PM to 3PM is best times to post of on the platform, with Thursday reigning as the best day of the week. CosSchuedule’s research went as far as finding that posting at 3PM will get your content more clicks, and 1PM will get you the most shares. If you have important posts avoid Saturdays and evenings and early morning where content has the least amount of engagement.


Crazy to think, but 350,000 tweets are sent every single minute. This means you’ve got to tweet smart to reach your target audience. According to Mentionlytics the best time to tweet is Monday to Friday between 12PM to 3PM and 5PM, this is especially the case for a B2B organizations. 5PM is particularity a good time to get a higher number of retweets. The absolute best day to post is Friday. Perhaps because users want to check in before they check out for much of the weekend. Overnight tweeting is a must avoid across the board. So avoid posting your best content between 8PM and 9AM as well as on Sunday mornings.

Email Marketing

Mailbird notes that the average lifespan of an email is an hour after it arrives in your inbox with the open rate dropping to less than 8% after 4 hours and 1% after 24 hours. The trend that all digital marketing reports note, is that as the week goes on, open and click rates decrease ie. Monday and Tuesday are best. Naturally that means weekends are what you want to avoid all together, especially Sunday not so funday. Timing wise, OptinMonster’s research suggests to send emails between 12PM to 4PM for most opens and between 6AM to 8AM or between 8PM to 12AM for engagement.


According to a study by Kissmetrics, generally speaking the highest percentage of users read blogs in the morning. However, your optimal publishing time will be dependent on your goals. If you’re looking for more traffic, the average blog has the most site traffic on Mondays or around 11AM. You’ll get the most comments by publishing your blog post on Saturday around 9AM. Finally, if it’s inbound links that you’re after—Monday and Thursday around 7AM are said to be best for that.

Timing Isn’t Everything When it comes to your Digital Marketing Strategy

While timing is key to your digital marketing strategy, it’s one part of a multi-pronged approach sometimes best left to the experts. Lucky you, the team at Awkward Media knows a thing or two about helping brands get their digital marketing and SEO in tip top share. In fact, some may even call them experts. To stand out in the digital marketing crowd, reach new customers and make existing ones head over heels happy.

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