How Donald Trump’s Personal Brand Won the Election

How Did Donald Win?

No matter who you voted for, we can all agree that Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election was nothing short of fascinating. As election day drew near, it was clear that Hillary Clinton was up against a powerful opponent. Despite the many scandals, his devoted followers religiously stood by him. How did Trump maintain so many loyal voters? Was it his controversial policies? Was it the promise of a wall? Or maybe it boiled down to his celebrity status, ability to crack jokes, tease people and have a good time.

Personal Branding is Key

The one thing that has always been consistent with Donald Trump is his brand. From the beginning of his career, the future president has been true to himself and his name. His political platform often flip-flopped, backtracked and changed, and aside from controversial issues, such as the wall and the status of immigrants, we don’t have a clear idea of what Trump’s presidency will look like. No matter how much you love or hate the guy—er, we mean President-elect—one thing is clear. Donald Trump’s personal brand had a greater influence on his voters than his political views or platform. Here are some branding lessons we can learn from Donald Trump’s career and campaign trail.

Trump’s Message Was Clear From the Start

“Make America Great Again” was a simple yet impactful slogan that carried him all the way to the White House. Compared to Hillary Clinton’s rhetoric, Donald Trump’s speeches were simple, jargon-free statements of intent, peppered with locker room–style jokes and incredible soundbites. He got straight to the point on his issues with the current administration. He did not speak down to his voters, and he knew exactly what was in the heart of Middle America. It was clear from the beginning that he was fighting for them. While Hillary Clinton was a formidable and worthy opponent, she wasn’t a quote generator. Although clear and direct, she never summed up her intentions as well as..

Trump’s Position Was Clear

Trump positioned himself as the billionaire blue collar worker from the very beginning. He might eat caviar, sip the finest wines and enjoy the views of the city from any one of his buildings, but his beliefs are not so different than a large portion of the population. For democrats, Trump’s opinions represent the stagnancy of social progress. But his voters found in Donald Trump a leader who believed the country’s values were getting lost in the shuffle of too much change. From his ivory tower, Trump saw where the country was going and, like his voters, didn’t like what he was seeing. Although his extreme wealth put him in the 1%, he didn’t talk or act like it. People loved that a rich guy was batting for the poor man’s team.

Donald Trump’s Brand Is All Over the World

The world knew Donald Trump as a celebrity businessman and reality television star before the GOP candidacy was a twinkle in his eye. He’s amused us for 15 seasons on The Apprentice, had several cameos in films, slapped his name on dozens of skyscrapers (like Trump Towers in the heart of Toronto) all over the world, owns golf courses and started a number of businesses. Obviously, the Trump name pushes sales and attracts visitors. As comedian John Oliver grudgingly admits, the Trump brand is associated with “quality and success”. The fact that in his career many of Trump’s companies filed for bankruptcy doesn’t matter. If anything, his bankruptcy, perseverance and his uncanny ability to bounce back not only humble him but demonstrate qualities a country’s leader should possess. Trump has done the legwork. Exposure is brand

How Is Your Brand Working For You?

If you have an amazing product or service but your sales aren’t going anywhere, then it may be time to take a closer look at your branding. Is your brand clear to your potential customers? Would you consider it accessible or complicated? If these questions are difficult to answer then you may need some help rebranding your image.

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