3 Simple Ways to Engage Your Social Media Audience

Social Media is undeniably one of the most crucial marketing strategies to use when building your brand and/or business in 2020. However, it’s not enough to post your content and move on as social media marketing is ineffective if you’re not properly engaging with your audience. There are many ways to get Comments, Likes, Shares, Retweets and Click-Throughs – but it’s not necessarily as easy as it seems.


There are many ways to be more interactive across your different Social Media accounts. One way to get engagement from your audience is to add a high-quality CTA at the end of your post. A CTA (call-to-action)  will set a specific intention and give your audience directions to act upon. Make sure it’s clear and simple, in order to be the most effective.

  • Ask them to Like, Comment, and Share the posts with their friends.
  • Ask them fun questions to create conversation in the comment section.
  • Ask them to enter a featured Giveaway

2. Respond to Comments

Beyond including a CTA, you must then follow through. Consider this your way of displaying your companies customer service.

  • Respond (preferably within a few hours of the comment being left)
  • Have a mature response. Especially when dealing with negativity
  • Be friendly and personable
  • Ask a follow-up question if possible to continue conversation

If there’s comments, respond to these comments whether they’re positive or negative. Show appreciation towards the positive posts and respond with an understanding and possible resolution towards the negative ones.

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