Father’s Day: Here are 4 Tips to Gear up Your PPC Marketing Campaign

In case you didn’t already know, Father’s day is around the corner folks! Ahem, this Sunday June 17th. If you have a business or service dads will love, you need to be gearing up your digital efforts so people find you online – stat! Here, we shell out our 4 tips to get your PPC marketing campaign in sync for Father’s Day. PPC? Oh that’s just a fancy way of saying “pay-per-click”. PPC marketing is using advertising on a search engine such as Google to get you more clicks to your website versus earning them organically ie. the old fashioned way. These are the sponsored ads you see at the top of your Google search results page,  marked “sponsored” in the top right corner of the results. Now about those tips…

1: Offer Deals and Promotions

If you thought coupons were extinct, you thought wrong! Deals and promotions are a great way to give your response rates and conversions a boost. People always love a deal, even online. These give customers even more reason to click on your ad (not your competitors!) when they see a special offer. Speaking of competitors, you may want to do some research on them too. Compare their deals, promotions and calls to action with your ads to make yours even more enticing. Remember, it’s not all about the sale, but about value. So be sure to add some substance to your offer too. Making it all about price will likely get your conversion rates booming by appealing to deal seekers. However, this may not necessarily mean they’ll be a returning customer.

2: Be Specific, Create New Site-links

Creating campaigns/ad groups that are specific to Father’s Day with associated key words, can yield big time rewards for your PPC marketing campaign. This also allows you to create new site-links specific to what your searcher is looking for, making your ad more click worthy. Say you’re an online men’s retailer, you may want one of your site-links to be “Best Gifts for Fathers” and the rest to feature your best selling products for Father’s day. Doing this will ensure your generic site-links don’t show up with your ad. With site-links in mind, brand related site-links are also good to note. They too can benefit from being occasion specific. This allows users who search for your brand an opportunity to be enticed by a Father’s Day site-link or two.

3: Lead Users to Relevant Landing Pages

Where many retailers go wrong is sending PPC visitors to their homepage or a generic page. Now this isn’t great for user experience or for quality scores. However, if you have a landing page that is relevant, users = happy and more likely to purchase from you. Just think about how annoyed you would be if you specifically searched for watches on Google, click an ad, and are then directed to browse through all products. Meanwhile, you just want that dang watch! Do the work for your customers, create a landing page that has all your Father’s Day appropriate deals and products. A strong call to action, easy to find buttons and clear text work wonders too! If you direct your customers to exactly what they want, this will keep your quality PPC from going on the decline.

Re-target Lost Users

There will always be the ones that got away. Ie. Users that visited your site without adding to your conversion rate let alone leaving an email or subscribing to your newsletter. We’re here to tell you, don’t give up yet! Or at least until you’ve tried re-marketing! Besides, users who see an ad after visiting a site are 70 percent more likely to convert to leads, according to Criteo’s case study. Make use of re-marketing lists for Google AdWords. This feature allows you to customise your ads by targeting previous visitors to your website. Now, don’t miss out on your second chance by using the same ads and messaging either. It helps to keep in mind what stage in the marketing funnel your users may be in. For example, if a user is still in the awareness stage, you’ll likely need an ad that educates them more about who you are/why your product or service is better than the rest vs a general Father’s Day ad.

Are you ready to launch your Father’s Day PPC Marketing Campaign?

Prepping your PPC account for Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to make your ads outperform the rest. Sure, there’s more competition during Father’s Day.

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