Get Romantic With Your Digital Marketing Strategy This Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, and it should be in your digital marketing strategy, too. Using holidays like Valentine’s Day is a fun way to shake up your website, social media content, or e-commerce business, engage your audience and, of course, increase sales traffic. If you really want to ask your customers to “be mine” this February 14, get creative with your campaigns and consider incorporating some of these marketing strategies.

Get Romantic with Your Content

Remember when you used to receive those fun V-Day cards from the kids in your class? Make your customers feel that kind of special by sliding into their inbox with some smooth talk and romantic headlines. Reference Valentine’s Day in the subject line of your email, and if you’re running any deals or giveaways, be sure to allude to that, as well. Timely subject lines, deals and contests all help increase your open rate.

Ask Your Customers for Their Love Stories

Having a social media account means you shouldn’t be doing all the talking. Open the floor to your customers and ask them to share their best love stories, worst dates, or dream V-Day experience. Whenever possible, make the theme tie back to your service or product. Get a bigger response by offering a grand prize to the best tale and letting the public vote on the winner. Your following will be doing the marketing for you as they share with their friends, looking for more votes.

Partner with Other Small Businesses

Valentine’s day is all about spreading the love, which makes it the perfect time to do some partner campaigning with another local business in your area. Find a business that compliments your service or product and create the ultimate V-Day package (flowers and chocolate, dinner and a show, couple’s massage, etc.). Hooking up with another company in a similar industry will not only increase your campaign reach but will put your name in front of an entirely new audience. Hello, new customers!

Two-for-One Deals

The only thing more classic than a V-Day two-for-one deal is the dinner and a movie that follows it. But these tactics are classic for a reason—they work. If you’re service-based, offer up discount pricing when people book for two. If you own an e-commerce business, pair up two of your favourite products and create the ultimate duo deal. Don’t forget to have your followers tag the person they so lovingly want to save their money with.

Don’t Forget about the Singles

On a day that’s practically smothered in PDA, our valentine-less customers may need a little extra attention. In addition to (or in spite of) couple’s discounts, create some unique “Treat Yourself” packages that singles can appreciate. You can also restructure your two-for-one deals to create the ultimate “Galentines” experience, because our friends are worth celebrating, too.

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