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how to hire club yacht

When you want to hire a club yacht, you’ll need to book it in advance. There are several different types of boat hire, and the prices can vary considerably. All boats are insured against damages and are inspected regularly. Members who hire boats from the club will receive an invoice via email. The cost of the hire can be paid in cash or by BACS. The yachts will be checked prior to every sailing, and helms should report any problems to the Bosun or the OOD office by using the whiteboard.

Secured a Boat

Once you’ve secured a boat, the next step is to find out how to hire it. Clubs usually have several boats available. If you’d prefer to hire a particular one, you can ask for a specific time and place. There’s no need to reserve a boat ahead of time, however. Alternatively, you can check if the boat you’ve chosen is available. Once you’ve chosen a date, you’ll be able to arrange a date.

Join the RYA

Another way to hire a club yacht is to join the RYA and obtain an L2 qualification. You can also hire a boat if you don’t have an L2 (though this will depend on availability). During the one-to-one scheme, you’ll need to pay a fee, but the boat is yours. Depending on your level of experience, you can get a boat that matches your needs. If you’re interested, you can find the right boat in your area and sign up for lessons or you proceed directly to Ahoy Club Yacht Hire.

One to One Scheme

If you’re not a member but have an L2 or other qualification, you can hire a boat under a ‘one-to-one’ scheme. This is only available to RYA members and is subject to availability. Temporary members can also use a boat at the club. While you’ll be responsible for the cost of the boat, you’ll need to arrange for an L2 or be approved to hire one.

L2 Certificate

If you don’t hold an L2 or don’t have an L2 certificate, you can still hire a boat under a one-to-one scheme if you’re a full or temporary member of the club. The only difference is that you’ll need to pay for the boat yourself, not the RYA. Nevertheless, you should always check whether you need to have an L2 or an L3 before hiring a club yacht.

Apply Temporary Membership

If you’re an RYA member, you can hire a club yacht through the ‘one-to-one’ scheme. The scheme is available to RYA members who don’t have an L2 certificate but do not yet have an L1. After the L2 exam, you’ll need to apply for an approved temporary or full membership. You’ll be responsible for hiring the boat, and you’ll need to be responsible for paying for the boat yourself.

Full Membership

If you have the L2 certificate, you can hire a club yacht with it. Members of the RYA can also hire a boat without an L2 if they have a temporary or full membership. The latter option is available to approve full or temporary members. The members, however, are responsible for the rental cost of the yacht. Applicants with an L2 will be able to rent the club yacht. If you don’t have the L2, you can hire a boat through the ‘one-to-one’ scheme.


Members of the RYA don’t have to hold an L2 to hire the club yacht. You can also hire the boat if you have an L2 by joining the club. If you don’t have an L2, you can also hire the boat under the ‘one-to-one’ scheme. The RYA’s policy states that members who have the L2 may hire the boat at their leisure. Upon approval, the member must pay for the hiring.


Members of the RYA who do not have L2 qualifications can still hire the club yacht under the ‘one-to-one’ scheme. The boat is available for hire at the club’s leisure and is available to approve full or temporary members. The member must pay for the boat themselves, but it is still possible to borrow a boat. The RYA’s one-to-one scheme allows members to rent the boat at the same time as another member.

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