Tasha Smith

How much money does Actress Tasha Smith have in 2021?

Tasha Smith is a talented American actress who has been in the industry for years. She can be seen playing various roles on both TV and movies, but she will always reign supreme as “Tata” from ‘For Better or Worse’. As it stands right now Tash’s net worth could easily reach $2 million dollars!

Full NameTasha Smith
Birth DateFebruary 18, 1971
Birth PlaceCamden, New Jersey, U. S.
HusbandRory “Keith” Douglas
Net Worth$2 million

Early life

Tasha Williams is a versatile American actress and former model who was born on February 18th, 1971 in Camden New Jersey to an African American mother. She attended high school until her junior year when she dropped out to pursue modeling opportunities all over California but especially during NYC’s agency years where they hired several hundred models per season!

Tasha Smith Net Worth & Career

Tasha hasn’t stopped working since her first appearance in1994. She’s been Classification: VOICE + August 3rd 1994 – present Media portrayals:Comedy movies/ Heavenly Father’s perfect timing?; Television shows such as Boston Common ( 1996- 1997) &The Tom Show( Short lived 1999).

actress Smith has been in the industry for years, and she’s accumulated a lot of experience. She played an addict on “The Corner” mini-series before getting more recognition as guest actor on many other TV series such “Parker’s Homefront”. Next up was playing another antagonist role this time with romantic comedy movie Daddy Little Girls where you can see how talented these ladies are!

Tasha’s directorial work has been impressive so far. In 2015, she directed her first movie which was a short film called “Boxed In.” Then just last year in 2017, Tasha took on another big project as head of production for the TV One original movie titled “When Love Kills:

Smith has directed episodes of the TV series “9-1-1”, “Star” and Black Lightning. Her last project was for an episode on P Variety Show called ‘P Valley’. She is set to return as director with another compelling drama next year!

Tasha Smith Personal Life

In December 2010, Tasha Smith married her manager and boyfriend (Keith Douglas). The pair had been having problems since 2014 which led them to appear in court for their divorce proceedings. Smith accused Keith of having affairs with multiple women- one that involved him paying $100K dollars!

In March of 2015, the final divorce decree was issued. Smith later came to know that Douglas has already been married five times and he had multiple kids from his previous marriages in December when Tasha’s then-husband filed for an annulment on account fraud; this is what granted her a legal separation as well but not full legitimacy back until June 1st 2017 where they were finally made official again!

The actress Smith has been linked to the late actor Michael K Williams. She first revealed their relationship in May 2019, when she posted a picture with him on Instagram and captioned it “Nothing makes me happier!!!!!! The love of my life… This man gives me goosebumps!!!!”

She posted a confusing caption on the occasion of Michael’s birthday where she mentioned him as if he were one of her brothers and BFF friends.

Tasha Smith Net Worth

Tasha Smith is a successful and well-known actor, who has been able to accumulate wealth from various sources. She created the TSAW workshop which inspires performers of all levels in their career – no matter what stage they are at!


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