Marlon Craft

How much money does rapper Marlon Craft have in 2021?

Marlon Craft is a famous American rapper and songwriter because of various Freestyles and Funhouse Album Funhouse album debut. If you like NBA, you will appreciate mentioning consistent kraft sports and the top athletes in their music.

Marlon Craft Net Worth

The main source of craft income is from the music, which he officially started in 2015. Now, New Yorker receives 575,567 monthly listeners only in Spotify. Meanwhile, his debut studio album peaked at number 23 on the Billboard 200 Chart and also the topping the iTunes Top Hip Hop Albums Chart.

At present, crafts have 137,000 customers on the YouTube channel. And that, he has 17,600 followers of Twitter and 111,000 followers on Instagram.

Crafts have not made a much tour so far in his career, but he sells the main show at Venue Sob Manhattan in 2019. Regarded as an independent artist, rapper partnered with the same entertainment plates in 2018, but they have separated the way.

Full NameMarlon Craft
Birth DateFebruary 27, 1993
Birth PlaceManhattan, New York
ProfessionRapper / Songwriter
Marital StatusNot Married
Net Worth$500,000

Marlon Craft Merch

Not long ago, Craft launched his own merchandise. On the site, you can buy a bottle of limited edition of “whiskey mother” and clothes items. He also offers a mixtape of his homecourt advantage in the form of a CD, vinyl and tapes.

Early Life

Marlon’s craft was born on February 27, 1993, in Manhattan, New York. His father was a drummer of Jazz while his mother was a producer for the off’broadway theater company.

Where is Marlon Craft from?

Rapper was born in what was known as the hell kitchen in Manhattan. Also known as Clinton, it is considered an environment on the west side of Borough.

Crafts were raised in the Mitchell-old housing complex called Manhattan Plaza, which is located in the kitchen. Craft attended flare school in the hell kitchen. This is a selective college preparation institution. Throughout his youth, Craft played AAU basketball in South Bronx.

After graduating from high school, he was accepted at American University in Washington, D.C. There, he created his own department called urban education and social justice. It was college when Craft began to make music itself.

Marlon Craft Rapper

After college, Craft returned to New York where he began posting the freestyle on YouTube. Then in March 2015, he released his first project titled Piece. The following year, Craft dropped a pair of EPS: So, what did you do? And he doesn’t look like anything.

The second EP contains one single job and the next short film titled after the project. Crafts make waves in 2017 with the second mixtape, the tip of the tunnel, which makes it number two on the iTunes hip hop chart behind Jay-Z 4:44. After opening for Dizzy Wright in 2018, Craft released a collection of EPS titled Dollars in Quarters, 25C, 50C, and 75C.

Damn Single Gang 2019 and the music video that coincides received a lot of attention because the rapper played a white racist police officer, a member of Ku Klux Klan, and a black man who served a prison time for armed robbery.

Marlon Craft Funhouse Mirror

Rapper released his debut studio LP in May 2019 for highly high praise. Craft receives props from artists like Killer Mike and T.I. It also displays a guest appearance of Dizzy Wright and Nyck attention.

He rode a momentum from his debut album by spitting up the killer freestyle on the swing in the morning segment, “5 fingers of death”.

In 2021, Craft dropped his second LP titled How we intended, which was packed with 17 treks. He also returned to his roots a little, dropped the freestyle and more mixtapes. Cassette includes space and advantage of homecourts, vol. 1.

Craft also got politically on 2021 singles called states where he rebuked the state in America and in culture. He even appeared at MSNBC’s Show the Beat with Ari Melber to discuss the song and video.

Personal Life

Crafts and his team formed collective artwork, movement, and lifestyle called “We” in 2019. Organizations help coordinate what is known as “workweek”, a series of public events in March 2019 which highlights various profit organizations. He then released a single doing work to support work weekend work events.

Rapper left his partnership with the same entertainment plates in 2020 to officially become independent. He then jumped the center, an exclusive online subscription community of supporters where fans can directly fund creation of craft content through a subscription of seven dollars per month. In return receiving exclusive access in hidden song forms, weekly zoom sessions, and more.

The 28-year-old child has no children for our knowledge and is not known whether he is currently dating anyone.

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