dont play with someone feelings

How to act so as not to play on someone’s feelings

People can feel used, however, on most occasions, we become aware of this feeling when we unfairly consider ourselves victims of the personal lack of ethics of a false friend. However, the only way to learn is to understand that we all make mistakes and make mistakes within this context. The most humane thing is that any human being has significantly disappointed at least one person at some point in their life. ¿ How do not play with someone’s feelings?

dont play with someone feelings

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Feel flattered

Feeling flattered by someone is very pleasant but if you give free rein to that situation and let yourself be carried away by the vanity of having someone close to you who admires you, then you are feeding the illusions of the other who will feel hurt when you slam the door on them.

Speak from the heart

Speak from the heart but do not say something for the simple fact of being good with the other or because you feel in the commitment to return their affection. Do not use phrases as pure adornment because you are generating wrong expectations in the other. Be consistent with what you feel, even if it means being cold and distant.

Emotional maturity

Be emotionally mature to put yourself more in the place of the other when you know that you are in a relationship (of whatever type) in which there is no equity and there is no equality. In order not to play with someone’s expectations on a sentimental level, it is important to mark a certain distance with that person because in case they like you, they will confuse any small detail with interest on your part.

Not playing with the feelings of another person implies an understanding that within the personal ethics of each one the responsibility in the care of relationships is very important.

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Some people affirm that they are very enamored since they deposit high expectations of love when meeting someone who arouses their romantic interest. From this perspective, sometimes, after the idealization comes to the disappointment of someone who, after having been emotionally involved in a story, does not feel valued by the other person. There is no effective way to avoid any kind of sentimental pain since wearing a breastplate against any kind of illusion is also a form of suffering.

However, a form of emotional protection is one that is born from the prudence of allowing time to observe the evolution of a story trying to maintain the balance between the illusion of that love that can become and the patience to attend to reality. In herself. How not to fall in love with someone so fast? If this is your purpose, in Psychology-Online we help you find the

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