How to be emotionally stronger in love

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If you constantly ask yourself how to be stronger emotionally in love, it is because you have surely gone through difficult situations in your love relationships where you have been quite emotionally damaged and you feel unable to do something because you do not feel that way when you meet again. another person. If this is your case where you tend more to suffer than to enjoy when you are in a relationship, this situation can change for you if you wish.

There are a series of actions that we can take to finally feel freer and with greater general well-being, which will not only help us feel emotionally stronger in love, but also in other areas of our life. That is why in Psychology-Online, we offer you a series of useful tips so that you can know how to be emotionally stronger in love that can also help you in other areas of your life.

Why do you feel emotionally weak in love?

There are several reasons why a person may be feeling emotionally weak in love, which causes that when they have a love “failure” or experience a disappointment, they suffer much more intensely.

Some of the main reasons why this situation may be occurring are the following:

  1. Emotional dependence. There are people who quickly create bonds of emotional dependence with others, especially with their partner. When one person is emotionally dependent on another, it is metaphorically as if they were leaving their life and emotional well-being in the hands of the other. The person has the feeling that without the other person they could not be happy and their life would not have meaning, so they are exposed to constant emotional ups and downs produced by what the other person does or does not do.
  2. Focus on the past or future. People who are constantly reliving all those painful experiences they lived in the past and do not stop worrying about what may happen to them later, such as fear of being disappointed in love again, tend to feel emotionally weak. This occurs because they are unable to live what they are really living due to having their minds elsewhere, which causes their emotions to be related to the pain of the past and uncertainty about the future.
  3. Sensitivity. Being a highly sensitive person who affects all kinds of situations in life, even without being difficult situations, makes us more vulnerable to problems that can be experienced in love. So it is normal to feel emotionally weak and prone to suffering when something happens.
  4. Low self-esteem. When a person does not love or value himself enough, it is normal for him to feel emotionally weak and not just in love. The person with little self-esteem feels vulnerable to any type of situation and his mood is easily altered. In this other article, we will discover how to strengthen self-esteem.
  5. Not having been through difficult situations in the past. People who have had few problems in the past, who have been given everything or almost everything easier and have not had the need to overcome and move forward, are more likely to feel emotionally weaker. Why? Because somehow they have not had to call on their own ability to recover and they have never proven to themselves that they can do it despite adversity.
Why do you feel emotionally weak in love?
Why do you feel emotionally weak in love?

Tips to be emotionally stronger in love

We present a series of tips below, that if you put them into practice continuously, over time you will notice greater emotional stability, which will make you feel stronger in love.

  • Focus on the present. It is necessary that you do not let your mind continue to wonder about the past or the future that has not yet arrived. If you focus on the present, you will be avoiding unnecessary suffering and worries, so you will get used to perceiving life in a different way and you will learn to enjoy it more.
  • Don’t try to stop feeling pain. Being emotionally strong does not mean that you will stop feeling pain in the face of difficult situations that happen to you in life. Pain is unavoidable and is part of life just like joy, so don’t confuse being strong with stopping having feelings. The emotionally strong person also suffers and feels bad at certain times, however, he also has the conviction that he will get through any type of situation.
  • Be an independent person. Don’t depend on your partner or other people to feel good about yourself. Try to be independent in every way and realize that you don’t need someone to get ahead. Something you can do to promote your emotional independence is not to stop doing the things you want to please or to be with another person, do not lose your essence and share with the other but do not depend on him.
  • Recognize your value as a person. Do not give more importance to another person than to yourself. Recognize that you are a valuable person and focus on yourself and what is best for you. If you feel that it is difficult for you to increase your self-esteem, remember that you can always turn to a professional so they can help you achieve it.
  • Don’t lose sight of your personal goals and objectives. It is very important that you define what your personal goals and objectives are in the short and long term and that you are on track to achieve them. On many occasions when a relationship is established, people tend to forget their personal goals to focus only on the goals of the relationship. That is why after ending a relationship or even being in it, the person may feel that they have lost their way and creates a feeling of emptiness and discomfort with themselves.
  • Learn to see love “failures” as opportunities. Stop perceiving only negatively the failures you have in love. Remember that more than failures, they are experiences of value that enrich your life because with each one of them you learn something more and you can grow and develop more as a person. So change your perspective, learn from each experience, and enjoy it.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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