How to find a partner in your 30s

How to find a partner in your 30s.Today, it is increasingly common for people in their 30s to have no partner. This is due to different reasons, among them we highlight: that the rhythm of life now is very different from that of a few years ago, probably the work aspect is being given much more important than the sentimental aspect and work may be consuming us a lot of time, we give priority to other aspects of our life and over time we have put aside the sentimental …

Whatever your case, if you are wondering how to find a partner in your 30s it is because now you are giving more importance to this area of ​​your life. Actually finding a partner is currently less complicated than it seems, that is why in Psychology-Online, we are going to introduce you in great detail to several tips that will help you know how to find a partner at 30 years of age.

Tips for finding a partner

Once we are clear about our goal, it will be important to follow some tips to find that person with whom to share so many moments in our life.

Be clear why you would like to find her

In many cases, it is not well defined why you want to have a partner, you simply say that you want to find yourself but in reality, you may be wanting something else. For example, there are people who would like to have a partner because they feel that society rejects them if they are 30 years or older and are single, yet they do not really want to have one. The most common and it could be said that the healthiest reason why you want to find a partner is that you want to have a life partner with whom you can share moments and new experiences, grow together and enjoy being in a different way. accompanied.

Love yourself

Remember that we can come to love and accept another person to the extent that we love and accept ourselves. So if you feel that you do not love or value yourself enough, it is recommended that you start working on it to increase your self-esteem.

Do not obsess or despair

It is important that when we start looking for a partner we do not become too obsessed or despair about wanting to find her. Avoid repeating the phrase ” why is it so hard for me to find a partner ” in your head.

Do what is in your power to find a partner but do not despair because this way you are more likely to be rejected, you can also end up being with a person you really do not want to be with or you will simply suffer more than enjoy your moments of searching.

To find a partner, you also have to look for her

They say that when we meet someone it is destiny who crosses their path and it is true that some people have literally come home to the love of their lives, however, this happens with the minority. So don’t wait for a situation like this to happen to you too, you need to do something at least to increase your chances of finding a partner. It is important to relax and not become obsessed, but it is not worth staying with your arms crossed waiting, you have to take the initiative and do things that favor that meeting.

Don’t pretend to find someone perfect

If your problem is that every time you meet a person you tend to find millions of defects right away, so you stop giving yourself the opportunity to meet them, you have to take into account that you will never find someone perfect. All people are imperfect and that is not a bad thing, on the contrary, we all have virtues and defects, so we cannot pretend that the other is full of virtues only. So every time you meet someone, be interested in that person, do not focus only on their defects, also look at their virtues. Talk to him (her) about their values ​​and see if they match yours or if they are compatible. Give him an opportunity to get to know him/her in a deeper way and above all give yourself the opportunity to do so.

Do not obsess or despair
Do not obsess or despair

Where to find love at 30

What at first glance seems so complicated, is actually a matter of knowing where to find it. Finding love is a different task after 30, however, everything is a matter of looking in the right place.

Move-in different social circles

This is crucial when trying to find a partner. Keep in mind that if you keep interacting with the same people all the time, whom you have known forever, with whom you know that something beyond friendship does not exist and cannot exist, etc. It is difficult for you to find a prospect to be your partner unless some of those people introduce you to a friend of hers. That is why you should not depend solely on one of your social circles and start meeting more people. For this it is advisable that you sign up for courses, workshops, some sport or activity that you like, etc. where you can meet people with whom you will have at least one thing in common. In this way you significantly increase your chances of finding a partner.

Attend different social gatherings with your group of friends

On many occasions, our group of friends usually attend the same places where there is no opportunity to meet new people. If you do not want to attend only other social gatherings, you can motivate your friends to do it with you, to go out together, whether they are going to do some activity, go to an event, etc. so that they can meet different groups of people.

Use social networks to your advantage

Currently, there are many ways to find a partner online and not only to maintain a long-distance relationship but also to meet people who live near your town with whom you can interact live and direct. There are, for example, groups and communities on different social networks, among the most popular Facebook and Instagram, where people who want to meet others get in touch to get to know each other. On the other hand, there are also some applications that are created specifically to find a partner where you even have the opportunity to see the person’s photo, a description in their profile about their tastes, age, location, among other things, and you can contact with them with just one click (for example, Tinder). Apart from this, Obviously, there are many more ways to meet someone through the different social networks that are becoming more and more. If you want to know more about how people present themselves on different social networks, we recommend the following article on how to analyze a person by their photos.

Attend special events to find a partner

The number of localities that carry out events to find a partner, “blind date” style is increasing, where people who are looking for the same thing as you attend. This makes the dating or conquest process much easier since they already know what they are going for beforehand and you can observe live and direct people who might be interested in you, as well as choose and establish a conversation with them more easily.

Why is it difficult to find a partner at 30?

You need to know that finding a partner at 30 is not complicated as it may seem. The process to achieve this is usually similar to doing it in other earlier or later ages. There will always be people with whom we can contact who are also interested in finding a life partner, it is only a matter of getting down to work and starting to do something to speed up that process. For this, it is important that you have well defined what is the true reason why you would like to have a partner, that you love, accept and value yourself first since this is how you will be able to really love, value, and accept to the person you are about to meet.

Remember not to be conformist and out of desperation, you choose the first person who crosses your path without being really sure you want to be with them but also does not be too demanding and try to find someone perfect because they simply do not exist and neither are you. Do not stay with your arms crossed and dare to take the first step to increase your chances of finding a partner, but above all do not forget to enjoy the process.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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