How to make your business Instagram Account Popular

How to make your business Instagram Account Popular

Have you started an Instagram account to promote your product? Excellent. Filled it with colorful photos and cool texts? Perfect. Now we need to somehow untwist this page. The easiest way is to run ads or buy Instagram followers. But if the budget is limited, there are also free methods. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Put hashtags in your posts

One of the easiest and, in a sense, obligatory ways is to use hashtags in publications. These tag words are needed for grouping, sorting and quickly finding things that your potential customers are interested in.

The platform has the ability to subscribe to hashtags, so common words will allow you to attract a new audience in a short time (if, of course, your content is of high quality). And your own unique hashtags will work for the image and search results in the future.

How many hashtags to use?

Instagram has limited their number to 30, but we do not recommend strictly following this opportunity. A large number of hashtags will scare off potential subscribers and create a completely different reputation for you than you dreamed of. But about 10 pieces, among which there will be your own (rubrics are always good), popular general concepts, and terms from your workspace, will obviously work.

Geo location to the rescue

Instagram users have not stopped looking for interesting places and photos. And that’s great, because you can hook them. Make it a rule to put a location tag: this will not ensure the maximum influx of the audience, but the post can become popular.

You will not need to often buy real Instagram followers and select them using a filter for a long time, because people who are close to you will be able to find you using the map.

Some people here have found a trick to get likes: in each new post, they put completely different places, from the Caribbean to Big Ben in England. They say it works. However, you can check it yourself.

Geo location is also a good option for local businesses: people often look for shops, salons or cafes in their city, not far from their home. In this case, you should always indicate the real address if you have an offline business.

Content in Stories

What kind of posts will be here is up to you. But as practice shows, people are much more interested in watching the process from the inside. Shoot a video, don’t be afraid to be creative and experiment. Don’t know what to do? Try to boomerang with your product, create surveys. It grabs the attention of subscribers.

Live broadcasts are also welcome. They are good because all your subscribers instantly receive notifications about the start of the live broadcast, which means that they will most likely come to watch it. How to keep them at the screens is a more difficult task. Therefore, think several times before this, and also prepare a place, choose a time and an occasion.

Another new feature for stories is stickers. Choose a sticker with a suitable theme (for example, the last photo on your phone), add your photo and get views from the general feed of this sticker.

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