How to overcome depression for love

Depression love is one of the most difficult situations to overcome for most people because with a couple sometimes shared so many things that we often forget easily merge and the person we were before that relationship. We also find it very difficult to let go of your loved one and may even take months or years since the relationship is over and still find without accepting the situation. But how to overcome depression for love ?, Does there some kind of a remedy to achieve?

To overcome depression for love there is an antidote with which from time to time we stop feeling so bad and we feel like we want to . However, we can do some things for depression or great sadness that we now feel not end with us. That’s why in this article Psychology-Online ta tell how to overcome depression for love and for this, we will give you a few tips so you can achieve it .

Why we get depressed for love

Couple relationships contain a high affective component in which the people who make it up share a lot of time, money, sometimes a common space, friends, family, children, etc. The couple is not only that but also becomes a life partner, a close friend and lover at the same time. Therefore it is normal that when the relationship comes to an end this causes a fairly strong emotional impact on one or both of them that can culminate in depression.

Another important aspect to take into account why people get depressed when a relationship ends is because many times long-term common goals are established and even personal goals are set aside individually, which causes that when they separate they separate feel lost or aimless. Not to mention, the lifestyle and daily routine they were used to have to change too. There are couples who after the relationship ends, do not know what to do with their free time and it is difficult for them to start a new routine individually.

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Why we get depressed for love
Why we get depressed for love

The breakup involves a grieving process

The breakup of a couple implies a loss since, although the person does not die, it causes a feeling similar to when a loved one dies. The person stops being by our side and we lose communication totally or almost totally with her, so it is necessary that we start a grieving process where we are forced to go through a series of phases, some painful, in order to finally achieve the full acceptance of the situation.

When we finally manage to accept that the loved one is gone and will not return, we can continue with our lives even despite the pain, which will diminish with the passage of time. That is why they say that time heals everything and it is very true, there are situations that only with time can be overcome. The best we can do is resign ourselves to the loss, accept the pain as part of a normal process, and not try to resist it so that we can move on and come to feel the way we want to.

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6 tips to overcome depression for love

At Psychology-Online we want to help you overcome this emotional bump. Therefore, below we are going to tell you how to overcome depression for love giving you 6 tips that can help you.

Express what you feel

Allow yourself to express the pain that the loss of that loved one has caused you and unburden yourself in the way you usually do. On many occasions when we ask for advice or tell someone how bad we feel, as generally people do not know how to deal with pain, what they recommend is that we be strong and move on, which is counterproductive. To get ahead we need to vent, cry, scream, express ourselves in the way we can to start letting go of the pain we are feeling.

Stop living in the past

People suffer more from continually remembering things that have happened to us in the past or from being worried about what we think will happen to us in the future. You may be torturing yourself over and over again with thoughts related to what you lived with your ex-partner, what you did or did not do, etc., and that causes you more suffering than you probably would now. The best we can do is focus all our attention on the present moment, live it, and experience it fully.

When we begin to fully experience the present, we will realize that most of the time we really have no reason to suffer and that we can enjoy life more than we think. An excellent tool that can help us focus more on the present moment is meditation, which is worth knowing and putting into practice on a daily basis if possible.

Improve the quality of your thoughts

On many occasions, especially when you are depressed, the thoughts that haunt your head the most are negative. In those moments we see everything gray and we feel that we are the most unhappy people. This causes our feelings and emotions to be negative as well and therefore also our actions, so it is easy for us to find ourselves locked in a vicious circle that seems to have no way out.

That is why it is important to pay attention to our thoughts and detect those that are not benefiting us to change them for more positive ones and that can help us to get out of this negative vicious circle in which we find ourselves more easily.

Seek support from friends and family

In these difficult times that you are going through, it is necessary that you seek the support of those closest to you. Those people you usually turn to or know you count on to be understood and listened to when you have a problem. Apart from the fact that you will feel accompanied and consoled by them, they will also help you to distract yourself and make new plans that will serve to have fun and distract you.

Do not isolate yourself

When we are depressed, it is normal that we do not want to have contact with anyone and we even want to stay locked up at home for days, months or even years when the situation is very serious. At the beginning, it is normal to take time for ourselves, rest and reflect on the situation alone, however it is necessary that after a few days we begin to leave home to have little by little more contact with others, especially with close friends and family.

Renew your personal goals

If your vital goals were focused solely on your relationship, they were only shared with her (him) and you lost sight of yours, it is necessary that you recover them or start creating new ones. Remember to start setting small short-term goals, which you can achieve little by little because if you focus only on your long-term goals, you will likely end up abandoning them due to the time it takes to arrive.

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Renew your personal goals
Renew your personal goals

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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