Christianity for kids

How to Talk About Christianity for Kids

Did you know that there are more than 2.5 billion Christians globally today?

Teaching the new generation about the merits of Christianity is an important part of your duty as a believer. By familiarizing your children with God’s word, you give them the best start in life.

Sometimes, it can be hard knowing where to start when talking to your kids about religion. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide on raising your kids with Christianity.

Read on for everything you need to know about Christianity for kids.

Teaching Respect 

If you have young children, raising them to be good Christians begins with the duty of imparting deep respect for God and His authority.

While it’s fun to tell Bible stories to preschoolers, you shouldn’t stop there. Early childhood materials focus primarily on how “Jesus is your friend.” Although this is useful for fostering a child’s love for Jesus, it doesn’t provide the groundwork for deeper religious insight.

But how do you impart this respect for God? You should teach your children the following truths:

  • God never breaks his promises
  • God gives us rules to follow
  • God can always see what you are doing
  • God disciplines his followers because he loves them
  • God created everyone

These Christian tenets are instrumental for a young child to understand the importance of believing in God.

Learning About God and Man

Who is God? This is a central question to ask when explaining Christianity to your children. Let’s take a look at ways to discuss the roles of man and God in the spiritual universe.

Who Is God?

To teach about God, use Bible tales. Consider the story of David and Goliath. What does it teach us about God? The moral of the narrative is to make sure you’re on God’s side.

Helping children understand that God is their creator, protector, and Lord at an early age crucial.

Who Is Man?

Our humanistic society regards man as fundamentally good. As a result, kids can struggle to accept the fact that that man is sinful.

If they haven’t been subjected to abuse, neglect, or cruelty (which we pray they haven’t), they most likely regard everybody as a good person. Your children will not understand the need for Jesus as their savior unless they recognize themselves and others as sinners.

Instill Trust

Teaching your children about religion is about instilling a deep faith and trust in God. 

First, establish the viewpoint that God is always with them. Your kids need to hear stories about times when God has helped you through bad situations. They must witness your own faith in God.

If you don’t have an answer for a child’s question, admit it and work together to find one. Visit for more helpful learning resources.

Christianity For Kids: Education First

When you know how to teach Christianity for kids, you help set a firm foundation for their future. Part of responsible parenting is instilling Christian ethics in your children. They will thank you for it in later life.

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