I dont feel good and i dont know why

I don’t feel good and i don,t know why

“By Ruth Moreno, an integrative emotional therapist at Cos Vital and faculty member at Qüestions Vitals “

Experience is the mother of science !!! How many times have we heard that !!! And from my point of view, it is a reality like a temple.

My experience tells me that something that does not come out or is expressed emotionally comes out physically, I mean, it IS SUBMITTED !!! So today I look to live the experiences intensely …

I dont feel good and i dont know why

I DON’T FEEL GOOD AND I DON’T KNOW WHY if you have to laugh then laugh but if you have to cry then cry, because an emotion that is not allowed is a stagnant emotion that ends up being harmful, so if you think so I’m going to talk about how to improve both our physical and emotional state since they are connected and now I will explain how and why !!!

You have to think that physical pain causes stress, bad feeling, bad mood, … well,

I DON’T FEEL GOOD AND I DON’T KNOW WHY it affects us emotionally.In short, emotional pain manifests itself physically and physical pain alters our nervous and emotional state, feeding back on each other and sometimes makes it very difficult to get out of the loop.

I dont feel good and i dont know why

Just as when something emotionally makes us feel bad, anything that happens to us is also exacerbated, a problem, a fight, a concern, everything is magnified, even pain or any other symptom.

So you have to keep in mind that everything is related since the person is made up of their: physical, biochemical, energetic, and emotional state, and all of them complement each other.

Our body is made up of endless organs, tissues, viscera, cells, atoms … and each one has a function but they all have something in common, their energy moves at the same speed to be in tune and thus be in balance, and that no part is more important than another, so I DON’T FEEL GOOD AND I DON’T KNOW WHY when there is a physical or emotional ailment, even just being bad news without much importance,

it resonates in our body causing small alterations in that energetic tuning and can trigger a blockage that, even though it can be emotional, can reflect on a specific area of ​​the body producing physical symptoms such as … repetitive contractures, joint stiffness, insomnia, heartburn, tachycardia, anguish, nervousness, headaches, dizziness … since the two are related and are a reflection of each other.

When we have an ailment or discomfort, it could be caused by a negative emotion that interrupts the body’s natural energy system and causes our body to resonate in disharmony, being the main cause of all our physical pain and illness.

For this, there are several techniques that can help you.

The fastest and most successful technique is EFT (Emotional Release Technique) to unblock stagnant emotion.

i dont feel better

To release this block, we need to ” go to the emotional memory “ that may have caused the problem or imbalance and remember the image (emotion) loaded with feelings from which we cannot get out.

The verbalization of the emotion makes ” the body begin to vibrate “ in tune with the problem, creating the energetic distortion that it causes in the body to be able to move and unfreeze it through ” tapping “ .

This consists of muscularly testing each acupressure point to touch the exact point and in a precise order, the energy blockage with respect to negative memories is quickly eliminated while the physical discomfort I DON’T FEEL GOOD AND I DON’T KNOW WHY disconnected and the symptoms that affect us are eliminated. .

This is where the Bach Flowers come in, there are 38 flowers that each act on a specific emotional state . Flower extracts can treat an infinity of emotional states that the flower therapist knows and combines in a personalized way according to the experience and need of the moment.

So it can help you resolve the conflict from a new starting point, thus modifying the way of approaching a new event or experience, making us more decisive in the future !!!

I hope to help you if you ever need it

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