I’m feeling bad – 6 tips to regain your health

I’m feeling bad – 6 tips to regain your health

Sometimes I even feel like I’m going to die. I am depressed and feel that no one understands my illness. I don’t know who to tell.

I’m feeling bad – 6 tips to regain your health

First of all, tell you that I have been through all this ordeal. What I have written below arises through my own trial and error, for two years and after having visited many doctors, homeopaths, physical therapists, and a long etcetera. I was never diagnosed with any disease, but I was not healthy and now I’m feeling bad.

First, what symptoms do you have?

When they ask you: What’s wrong with you? and your answer is: “I don’t know, I don’t feel well. I feel bad. ”, The symptoms you may feel are very different and vary depending on the day, however, your main symptoms are probably:

Panic Attacks

I didn’t know I had them until I read it. In my case, I had previously had anxiety, the typical thing that we have all felt at some point in our lives. An anxiety attack is worse than anxiety and could be summed up in a concentrated anxiety peak: chest tightness, shortness of breath, feeling dizzy and faint, rapid heartbeat, sweating, … that you are going to die. It is an anxiety attack multiplied by twenty and, being unpredictable, it generates a state of continuous inner tension and fear. But don’t worry, nobody dies from a panic attack, your body is simply telling you that it is overwhelmed by everything that has happened to you in recent times.


I have the feeling that I don’t have the strength to lift things, to walk, I feel listless, without strength, … It is as if my body had no strength.


Suddenly you start to have the feeling that everything is spinning and / or that you are going to fall. It’s kind of a swoon, however, don’t pass out. When it happens you feel a great inner shock.

General ill feeling

Internally I do not feel well, as if I have something inside me that is not working well. As if something strange was going up my body as if it were going to give me something.

Pain in the right side You notice pain or discomfort in the right area, the exact location can vary, but it moves between the abdomen when the ribs are finished, to the groin. The point where it hurts the most is on the right side of your belly button, where you have your appendix. In my case, I could perfectly mark a line from the ribs to the groin. If I pressed and massaged the area the pain would subside a little. Probably if you search about ‘irritable bowel’ you will feel identified, 30% of the population suffers it. Sometimes we can think that it is appendicitis, but it is not, an appendicitis is an infection and generates a fever.

Gas You

notice an increase in gas in your body. You feel bloated, you may notice punctures, discomfort, irritability, dizziness, … They stay stagnant and there is no way to get out. The infusions of dill and anise are very useful to alleviate them, in addition to a wide variety of exercises that you can find online.

Loss of appetite

Eating makes you lazy. In my case, I lost 4 kilos in a month.

And, as is normal, you get scared. The good thing is that by eating correctly I have not recovered them. In the end, I ended up interpreting it as if my body had removed a weight that it did not need.

Many of these symptoms appear or increase after eating.

However …
All these symptoms, and although it seems to you at that moment that I’m feeling bad you are one step away from death, they are not serious and simply indicate an imbalance in your body. That is, your body is sick but, fortunately, your life is not in any kind of danger. In addition, since they are such general symptoms, doctors do not know how to say a specific diagnosis, and many times they simply associate it with anxiety.

So when should I worry? You should always try to stay calm, take three deep breaths, and trust that everything will work out. You should quickly go to the doctor if, in addition to the symptoms mentioned, you faint, have a fever or notice a permanent lump on your body. If you don’t have them, probably the doctor, like me, will send you home again.

I’m feeling bad the 6 tips and remedies to regain your health

1. Take a 30-minute walk in nature a day.

As a minimum! Your body is tense and your mind is clouded by all these symptoms. You must relax your nervous system and breathe fresh air. In addition, when you walk you generate a gentle internal massage to your body and everything will work much better.

2. Check your state of health

With a blood test and a medical check-up, you can evaluate the health of your body in an objective way. I’m feeling bad The normal thing is that everything goes well and that the doctor tells you that you have nothing. That it turns out well does not imply that you have nothing, it implies that you must look for other ways to cure the disease, other than taking only a few pills. This way you can begin to eliminate the hypochondria and depression that these symptoms generate.

3. Improve your diet

Im feeling bad

Food is the basis of your health. A good diet will be the key to your recovery. Start by eliminating the following foods: GLUTEN, DAIRY (only fresh goat cheese, nothing else), pork, COFFEE, and teas (infusions only). Take chamomiles and eat apples daily. Try to eat all the organic food you can, at least stop buying everything you can in the supermarkets and try that the food is not processed. Take it seriously, half is useless, do not skip more than two meals a week and do it for at least three months to notice results, be patient, remember that you did not get sick in a day and, therefore, you will not be cured in one day.

4. Express your emotions

CRY AND SCREAM, express your emotions. At this point, you have stored too much inside yourself. If you prefer, you can save specific moments for yourself to get your emotions out, even a person you trust can help you do it. Hug yourself or be hugged, allow yourself to take out the pain, anger, sadness or any emotion that you have inside. I remember that in my most critical stage I spent long periods crying, drawing emotions from the depths of my being.

5. Spend time with yourself

If you apply the advice from the second to the sixth you will already be dedicating time to yourself, but it is always good to remember it. If you like to paint, paint. If you like to sing, sing. If you like to run, go for a run. But spend time with yourself each day. This way you will also be able to relax your nervous system and increase your well-being.

6. Meditate

Connect with yourself. Connect with the disease and discover within yourself what is not working. Increase your awareness and relax your spirit. Seek calm and inner peace. Do it twice a day: when you get up and at night (before dinner, after,… when it suits you best). A month of continuous meditation at least once a day has spectacular effects on your body, mind, and spirit.

7. Work less, maintain a sustainable pace

Calm down, you are not going to starve. Remember that you are a human being, you are not a slave. You must maintain a sustainable work rhythm. How do you know if it is sustainable? If you had to keep up with the pace you’ve been doing now for 20 years, could you do it comfortably? If the answer is yes, you’re doing fine. Otherwise, you are working too hard.

Finally, I’m feeling bad as much as possible, try to avoid taking anxiolytics or medicate yourself, except in extreme situations where you see that the thing overflows. The medication should be a punctual thing, and not something habitual at all. If you have these symptoms you must find the root of them and eliminate them . Otherwise, the problem will persist and you will never recover the total health I’m feeling bad of your being (body, soul, and mind). If you don’t get it, seek help from a psychologist, therapist, homeopath, psychoneuroimmunology, etc. Taking infusions or pills of valerian or passionflower daily are very gentle remedies to unblock your body until you regain control of your situation.

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