Infographics that Pack a Punch in 4 Easy Steps

The internet is inundated with information. If you want to catch and hold a reader’s attention, you need to stand out amidst all that data. Infographics are a great way to do this, and they should be a key part of any marketing strategy. If you are going to use infographics, you might as well get those graphics working for you. You want infographics that catch users’ attention, build buzz and drive traffic to your website. After all, humans are visual creatures, so you want your infographics to connect instantly. One study by MIT concluded that humans can identify images in just 13 milliseconds! You don’t have much time to market yourself, so use that time wisely. Used properly, infographics can tell your story quickly and in innovative ways. The following are four easy steps to make sure they do just that.

The “KIS” Concept (Keep ISimple)

While you want your infographics to catch users’ attention, you don’t want to overwhelm them. Use one robust sentence to get your message across – don’t blather on aimlessly when introducing your infographic. Visually, keep your graphic simple and to the point. Visual busy-ness can just as easily turn someone away.

Use Humour To Your Advantage

If you’ve got interesting information to share, don’t be selfish – share it! If you can, use humour in your infographic to get your message across. In the sea of information that is the Internet, everyone likes being delighted or surprised while making their way across the web.

Conversely, make sure you don’t bore users who come across your graphics. Keep your visuals interesting, and make sure to keep any text concise and to the point, without giving the whole story away. If users aren’t intrigued by what you are putting out there, they will walk away.

Visually Clean Infographics

You might be tempted to experiment with exotic alignments or bold colours with your infographics. A word of advice – don’t. Users respond well to infographics that are cleverly designed, free of clutter and aligned in a manner that pleases the eye. Any infographic that is hard to read, sideways, or full of information crammed into small spaces will be a loser with users. You never want to give anyone a reason to skip over your graphic.

Accuracy Matters

Make sure all the information in your infographic is factual. Users need to believe what you are telling them. The sharpest text and the most arresting of visuals won’t matter if they aren’t accurate. Add testimonials from satisfied customers, expert quotes and rock solid data to ensure your graphics’ credibility.

On the flip side, never send an infographic out into the digital world without context. That’s like walking out of your house without any pants on, and no one wants that. Make it clear to users what the visual means, and where the information used to create it comes from. Any visual without proper attribution is just that – a meaningless visual without a story.

Compelling Infographics Are Worth It

Use them properly and infographics can do a world of wonders. They will tell your story while driving potential customers your way. They are a digital marketer’s best friend. Follow the above-mentioned steps and your digital marketing efforts will reap the rewards.

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