Vince Staples

Is Vince Staples a Rich Rapper in 2021?

Vince Staples is an American rapper, musician, and songwriter who through a few of the most respected projects has achieved success both commercially and among critics. Cali emcee has already been more than a decade in his career.

Vince Staples Net Worth

Staples has been a part of the rap industry for over a decade, but it was not until about 2014 that he began to be recognized for his talent and later made a steady income through art.

As expected, Staples made a lot of money by selling his album, streaming profits, and tours. In fact, the rapper has charged between $ 75,000 and $ 150,000 per show over the past few years.

Since 2015, the native Long Beach has released four studio albums, as well as a mixtape, and along with other artist tracks. In addition, it currently receives less than five million listeners a month on Spotify.

Music is not the only way Staples has increased his value. The rapper has a lot of sponsors, especially Sprite which makes him tens of thousands of dollars per post. In addition, Staples has also begun to imitate. He has appeared in movies, TV shows, and markets.

Full NameVincent Jamal Staples
Birth DateJuly 2, 1993
Birth PlaceCompton, California
ProfessionRapper / Songwriter
Marital StatusNot Married
Net Worth$4 Million

Early Life

Vince Staples was born July 2, 1993, in Compton, California. His parents’ names have not been released, but Staples has expressed his love and affection for his mother and father. The rapper grew up with four siblings, two sisters and two brothers, the youngest of whom was the youngest.

Where is Vince Staples from?

Staples and his family did not spend much time living in Compton following his birth. Reason, his mother wanted to escape the high crime rate in the city center.

So the family moved to North Long Beach, Long Beach, California where they would stay for many years. The Staples family grew up in poverty.

Staples attended Optimal Christian Academy from fourth to eighth grade. However, her mother sent her to Atlanta during high school to live with one of her sisters, where she would stay for six months. Returning to southern California, Staples attended five high schools. However, he would not succeed, he stopped somewhere in about 11th grade.

Staples has been involved with street criminals since he was a child, claiming that his mother, father and all his brothers also participated in gang activities. Emcee has long been regarded as working with crips.

Sports were a big part of the young generation of emerging artists. He has played back to Snoop Dogg’s, Snoop Youth Soccer League (SYFL).

Rap Career

Staples began to wet his feet in the rap game by playing a few Odd Future songs in 2009, most notably Earl Sweatshirt. After that, Staples released his first mixtape in December 2011 titled Shyne Coldchain Vol. 1.

Things started to go well for him the following year when the Sweatshirt introduced Staples to Mac Miller. Staples and Miller will be releasing a mixtape called Stolen Youth featuring the appearances of other Cali artists such as Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q. Staples will accompany Miller on his next tour. At the same time, Staples is included in Sweatshirt’s song, Hive, which is one of the coolest verses you can hear.

A pair of 2014 mixtapes titled Shyne Coldchain Vol. 2 and Hell Can Wait, respectively, prepared Staples for his first studio album.

Vince Staples Sumemrtime ’06

In June 2015, Staples released Summertime ’06, a double album featuring hit songs like Senorita, Get Paid, and Norf Norf. This project was highly praised by fans and critics. It also came out number 39 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

Vince Staples Big Fish Theory

Two summer later, Staples was to bless the hip-hop community with another full-length LP. Big Fish Theory included tracks like Bagbak, Big Fish, and Rain Come Down with Ty Dolla Sign.

Although he has not had as much commercial success as his debut in the studio, Staples is still gaining the attention of critics.

Vince Staples FM!

After a year-long break, Staples returned with his third album, FM !, produced extensively by Kenny Beats and featuring skits from Cali broadcaster Big Boy. The album does an excellent job of combining the feeling of summer coming with west coast hip hop.

Vince Staples New Album

In his latest book, Staples has released a defense letter that has garnered considerable respect from fans and critics alike. Despite being just 10 tracks, Vince Staples contains all the topless valleys.

Also, Staples demanded production from Kenny Beats for this project. Many critics consider tape as one of the best works of 2021.

How many records did Vince Staples sell?

Summertime ’06 sold 13,000 hardware copies, Big Fish Theory sold 24,000, FM! reportedly sold 24,000 copies in its first week, and Vince Staples sold 20,000 copies in its first week.

Personal Life

Staples likes to keep most of his personal life a secret, but we know a few things about the rapper’s lifestyle. First, he was born African-American and Haitian. Also, he says he has never been on illegal drugs or alcohol.

In addition, Staples has done some community service, assisting with the YMCA program to help the youth of Long Beach. He has donated money to a program that aims to help middle school students in the arts.


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