Online Casino Payment Methods for US Players

With so many online casinos now accepting North American gamblers, you need to know how you can play with real money and earn real rewards. There are several options available, with some accepting players globally. But we’ll look at methods most suitable for US players.

1.      PayPal

PayPal is an electronic wallet (eWallet) that’s been around since the late 1990s, cementing its reputation in the US for online payments. There are several online casino sites accepting PayPal now that the service provider accepts gambling transactions from North American users.

This payment solution doesn’t charge transaction fees and can process deposits and withdrawals. These can happen within a few hours or instantly if you visit a fast withdrawal casino. Payments are safe, and you only need your email address to open an account. Other eWallets similar to PayPal include:

  • Skrill
  • Neteller (charges minimal fees)
  • Apple Pay (only for deposits)


2.      Credit/Debit Cards

These options have been available for decades and are provided by banks where you’re a member. Debit cards get directly linked to your account and its available balance, whereas credit cards use a loan extended to you by the supplying financial institution. Most players prefer using credit cards to avoid getting wiped out in case of a security breach.

Service providers currently allowing deposits and, sometimes, withdrawals through this option for US players include:

  • AmEx
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • Mastercard

Transactions through these options may incur minimal fees, but it’s worth it considering they’re secure and reputable solutions. You may also need to wait up to 3 working days for withdrawals.


3.      Cryptocurrencies

The creation of cryptocurrency was a welcome addition for sectors like the iGaming industry, where untraceable payments are necessary. Thanks to the use of Blockchain technology, transactions are anonymous, borderless, and secure. And since everything is automated, your deposits and withdrawals can happen instantly, depending on your chosen site’s transaction policies.

But using this method has a learning curve to it, aside from the fact that cryptos are a volatile currency. For starters, you need to find a reputable crypto exchange to help you buy and store your chosen currency. Also, keep in mind that although payments are mostly free, they’re also irreversible once made.


How to Pick the Best Payment Method

As you can see, each transaction option comes with various features. So the payment method you choose largely depends on what you need whenever you transact at an online casino. Here are a few pointers to help you make your selection from an informed standpoint.


1.      Ease of Use

You may find perks you like about some transaction methods over others. But what will ultimately limit your choice is how easy a payment method is to use for your online gambling activities. Some require you to open an account with the service provider, as with eWallets. Others will need a bank account to link to them, like when you use credit and debit cards or bank transfers.

Meanwhile, some payment solutions take a unique approach as with cryptos and prepaid options. For the former, you would need a crypto wallet that enables you to convert fiat currencies into your chosen crypto. And for the latter, you need access to retail or online merchants that facilitate the buying and funding of your prepaid card.


2.      Added Safety Features

Online transactions are some of the most vulnerable to issues like account hacking and fraud. For your iGaming, you’ll need a payment solution using measures like bank-grade SSL software for transaction encryption. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is another option, giving you instant prompts via email or text message whenever someone tries to access your account.


3.      Transaction Duration

Different online casinos have varying policies when it comes to transaction processing speeds, especially with payouts. But some methods are more likely to offer faster deposits and withdrawals after complying with the iGaming site’s policies. For instant, bank transfers are deemed hassle-free but can take up to 5 working days for you to receive your money. On the other hand, eWallets allow you to get your money immediately the casino processes it.


4.      Type of Transaction and Accepted Currencies

Not all methods are equal in the online gambling world. Some only allow deposits; some only process withdrawals, while some can achieve both transaction options. Casino and regional regulations play a part in what any offered payment method can achieve. But in general, pick a solution that handles deposits and withdrawals to give you an easier time.

Also, ensure transactions in USD are accepted. That way, you don’t incur currency conversion charges or conversion rates which affect how much money you have.


5.      Transaction Limits and Fees

Most gaming platforms don’t charge for transactions, but the service providers might. How much you pay for transactions determines whether your chosen method is a viable option for your gambling.

Also, know the minimum and maximum transaction limits your preferred service providers offer. This information can help you manage your gambling budget, especially if payments incur fees.


6.      Availability at iGaming Sites

Whenever you find an iGaming site, check if your preferred payment options are available. Not all casinos work with the same service providers, especially with methods like cryptos and eWallets. So before you sign up, see what’s available for you. With so many online casinos available to US players these days, you don’t have to settle on a platform that doesn’t offer transaction methods you’re comfortable using.

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