Paul Gosar Net Worth

Paul Gosar Net Worth

Paul Gosar has been in politics for over four decades and is best known as the representative from Arizona’s 4th congressional district. He supports far-right conspiracy theories that many consider false or ridiculous. In spite of this reputation, his net worth was estimated at $5 million by 2022!

Full NamePaul Anthony Gosar
Birth DateNovember 22, 1958
Birth PlaceRock Springs, Wyoming, U. S.
Net Worth$5 million

Paul Gosar Early life:

Paul Gosar was born on November 22nd, 1958 in Rock Springs Wyoming to Antone and Bernadette Gosar. He has six brothers and sisters including three that are adopted from France. Growing up Paul went through a lot as he studied at Pinedale High School where his father served during World War II – but it didn’t stop there! When it comes time for elections or national conventions you can be guaranteed that this Republican candidate will have their parents

After graduating from Creighton University with a degree in 1981, Paul attended the Boyne School of Dentistry where he obtained his DDS. Later on, he went back to get an MD and JD which is how you would know him today!

Paul Gosar Net Worth:

As a successful congressman, Paul Gosar has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars. He currently serves in the House and makes an average salary per year which comes out around 174K USD

Paul Gosar Personal Life:

Paul Gosar is married to Maude Connor, the love of his life and mother to three children. He shares updates on family matters through social media channels like Instagram (with 13K followers) or Twitter where he averages dozens per day about his professional endeavors

Paul Gosar Net Worth & Career:

In 1989, Gosar started working at his dentistry practice in Flagstaff. He worked there for 25 years before announcing that he would be challenging Democratic incumbent Ann Kirkpatrick of the 1st district during the 2010 elections.

When Gosar won the 2010 election with a vote of 49.7%, it was not expected that he would continue his winning ways and retain power in 2012 when facing off against Democratic challenger Johnnie Robinson, however, this is just what has happened as Paul somehow manages to defeat all opponents time after again!

In 2018, Rep. Paul Gosar won his re-election campaign by a landslide against Delina DiSanto in Arizona’s 4th district with 68% of the vote. He has been aligned closely to President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden throughout their presidencies — voting 86 percent linearly like previous presidents did during theirs– but also 5%.

Paul Gosar, who recently made headlines for his edited anime video that shows him killing Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and attacking President Joe Biden is now being considered by Democrats to be censured after he shared an altered version of this on social media Sunday evening November 7th 2021.

The two big social media companies, Twitter and Instagram both have placed a disclaimer on Paul Gosar’s video. The first is from Twitter which says that it has violated the rules about hateful conduct while in regards to Instagram they write “it may contain graphic or violent conduct.”

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