A Few Things Successful Mommy Bloggers Have Taught Us About SEO

Whether you were actively seeking one or not, chances are you’ve entered the mommy blogosphere. You may have been looking for mortgage advice, a delicious recipe, tips on how to juggle work life and family duties. Whatever you’re searching for, there’s a mommy blog out there that has the answer for you. So why are mommy bloggers so successful? There are probably plenty of reasons for this, but one thing is for certain: they know their SEO.

Built-in Niche

Mommy bloggers come from all walks of life, but they all have something to offer simply by writing from their own experiences. They all have different educational/professional backgrounds, various points of view, and different mothering styles, but whatever they’re selling, there’s an audience who’s buying. There are 85 million moms in the United States alone, many of whom turn to the internet for advice on problems both big and small. The most successful mommy bloggers have captured a niche and ran with it. How does this improve their SEO? They aren’t just moms with a message. They’re moms that are consistently producing content that targets specific keywords and trending searches. Popular niche mommy blogger sites:

  • Wellness Mama: Focusing on natural beauty products, homemade cleaning supplies and makeup tips, organic living
  • Attic24: All about crocheting, decor, and crafts
  • The Prairie Homestead: A young mom navigating the world of motherhood on her homestead complete with farm animals and gardens.
  • Wood & Spoon: Decadent and delicious recipes from a self-taught mommy baker and photographer.
  • Thrifty Frugal Mom: Recipes, gift ideas, and general homemaking for the frugal-minded.

Attractive Web Design

In little over a decade, mommy blogs have become sophisticated creatures complete with beautiful headings, custom branding, stylized web pages, bright and attractive photography, and click-baity content. With millions of blogs out there, moms can no longer afford to look like anyone else, nor can they afford to look sloppy. That’s why so many of them use high-quality images, clean and professional-looking graphics, and attractive layouts. They may not have started out like this, but many of them have picked up these skills along the way. Heck, many of them (like this one, for example) even offer courses, white papers, e-books, and guides on how to attract more followers, rock on social media, take better photos, and design your own website. What does this teach us about SEO? Webpages that strike a healthy balance of great content, drool-worthy images, attractive design, and quick load times have much high traffic and lower bounce rates.

Content That Speaks From the Heart to the Heart

Mom blogs offer a lot more to their readers than simple recipes and advice on how to remove stains. There’s a whole other side of mommy blogging that readers can’t get enough of. And that’s the ugly side of motherhood that moms are terrified of talking about but nevertheless experience. Why do mom readers love mom writers? Because they love knowing that they’re not the only one making mistakes. They aren’t the only ones who have no idea how to sew buttons or make papier mache. Mommy bloggers don’t always make everything look easy. In fact, many of them are pretty candid about how difficult life can get. In terms of built-in readership, you can’t do much better than that. How does this help their SEO? Quality, quality, quality. We can’t stress this enough: quality content that is original, moving, and thought-provoking will always gain more traffic than just your run-of-the-mill fluff that readers care little about.

Who Better to Trust Than a Mom?

No one really questions a mother’s tried, tested and true recipes, lifestyle advice, or financial tips. They never claim to be professionals. They are, in fact, speaking only from their living experiences, which many readers trust more than sponsored ads, TV commercials, or even scientific research. There’s something about motherhood that lends a certain level of trust and authority that keeps people coming back for more. After all, we trust and love our own mothers. Who better to turn to for advice than a parent? What does this mean for SEO? Why do so many people flock to mom blogs? The answer may lie in the old adage “mother knows best”. By virtue of her role as mother, she attracts more organic traffic, earns backlinks from other blogs, and even gains sponsorships from other brands who trust her reputation to be a great spokesperson.

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