The Four Biggest Benefits of Planning Your Student Housing Ahead of Time

Finding a place that meets all your needs and requirements can be difficult at university. Whether searching for the perfect location, the right price, or a safe and comfortable living environment, planning your student housing can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

For example, if folks plan to enrol at the University of New South Wales, several vital benefits come with planning their student accommodation. These include access to better amenities and services, choosing a suitable location, and more.

Roll out the benefits:

1. Access to better amenities and services:

The University of New South Wales is popular among international students from different academic backgrounds. With a global rank of 45, it provides 50+ world-class degrees.

As a top-notch university, the demand for pupils’ housing is high. So, finding student accommodation near UNSW will relax you by accessing better amenities and services. These include access to a resident gym, swimming pool, and study rooms.

In addition to these facilities, student housing near UNSW also provides reliable transportation links to more.

2. Choice of location:

Another key benefit of planning your student housing ahead of time is that it allows you to choose a location that is right for you.

As UNSW is a large university with multiple campuses, folks can easily find housing in one of the surrounding neighbourhoods that suits their needs and preferences. Whether they are looking for quiet, safe neighbourhoods or more bustling areas with plenty of amenities and entertainment options, there is something for all.

Following are the closest neighbourhoods to UNSW where one can find excellent student housing:

– Randwick: This is a popular choice among students, as it offers easy access to the main UNSW campus and Randwick Racecourse.

– Kensington: Located just a short walk from the main campus, Kensington is another popular option among students. It gives easy access to public transportation and a wide range of amenities and entertainment options.

– Redfern: If you prefer a more diverse neighbourhood with plenty of restaurants, cafes, and other entertainment options, then Redfern might be the right choice. It is also close to the UNSW campus, making it a convenient option for students.

3. A safe and comfortable living environment:

A university can be stressful, especially when juggling classes, assignments, and exams on top of all your other commitments. Starting your hunt earlier means choosing your room and apartment based on the essential amenities.

Securing your place in comfortable, safe, and well-equipped student housing will help you relax and focus on your studies and save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

4. Saving your time:

The last thing you only want to do when moving to a new city/nation is waste time looking for student housing.

Chances are you’ve arrived too late, and there isn’t enough accommodation, or the available ones are prohibitively costly. No one wants to move around heavy suitcases after a long flight. Book your accommodation in advance so you can be stress-free for the first few days of vacation and start exploring as soon as you arrive.


Overall, there are many benefits to planning your student housing ahead of time, including access to better amenities and services, choosing a suitable location, and saving time and hassle in the long run. So if you are a pupil at UNSW or another university, start your search early and take advantage of all the great options available.


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