The Most Common Mac Issues & Ways to Deal with Them

Due to the sleek design and user-friendliness, MacBooks are the most popular computers. But they are not perfect. If you use the system daily for work or other purposes, be prepared your Mac will run into problems. However, there’s no need to panic. The issues can be solved easily without running to the nearest service center. With macOS Ventura’s official release nearing, you cannot bother yourself with these pesky problems. Instead, you must learn the hacks to fix them and move on quickly. Keep scrolling to discover the common issues and the best ways to deal with them. 

The Battery is Draining Excessively

You might encounter excessive battery drain if you’ve updated your computer to a new operating system or the hard drive is overactive. You need to check your computer settings to find out what’s happening inside your drive. You may need to delete some apps, remove some files or stop some processes from fixing the issue. 

If the battery drain is caused due to an OS update, wait for a few hours, and the problem should resolve itself. Then, if too many background processes are running simultaneously, go to the Activity Monitor > click the CPU tab and check the apps or programs consuming too many resources. Then, click on the X icon and stop those apps. 

Alternatively, you can adjust the battery settings. For example, dim the screen, so your system doesn’t consume too much power. You can also run your computer on low power mode to save battery. 

The Keyboard is not Working

If your keyboard isn’t working, there might be a few reasons. You might have pressed down on a key, but nothing is happening. One of the keys might have fallen out, or the keyboard’s mechanism might be faulty. 

If you encounter the keyboard on MacBook not working problem, you may have to replace the keyboard. Alternatively, you can clean the grime and dust inside your keyboard to see if it starts functioning again. 

The Operating System is Incompatible

Updates and new operating systems are released by Apple regularly. So, Mac users can look forward to enjoying yearly OS updates. However, you might encounter several issues if you ignore updating the OS. For example, your computer’s security might be vulnerable, and some applications may stop functioning. 

So, whenever you notice an OS update, ensure to download and install it right away. Then, if you are working on something important, you can schedule the update at a convenient time. Also, you can click on automatically update, so you never forget to upgrade your computer. 

There’s no more Storage Space

If your system runs out of storage space, it can give rise to several problems. Your system will experience sluggish performance, it will run slowly, and the apps might freeze or crash. First, you must check the settings to find out how much space you have left. Next, if there are many photos, documents, and large attachments on your device, you must delete them or upload them to your iCloud account. Also, don’t forget to delete the items in your Trash. 

Applications are Outdated and Freezing

When the operating system is updated, Apple updates its applications too. While you might not consider updates for Siri or Safari as significant, they keep your computer safe. Also, it enhances your processing speed. You must update all the apps on your device once you have upgraded to a new OS. Visit the App Store to update the applications on your computer. 

Overheating and Fan Noise is too Loud

One of the most common yet annoying Mac issues is overheating. When your computer overheats, you can expect the fans to make loud noises. For example, this might happen when you have many taps open or run multiple applications simultaneously. 

However, don’t take this lightly. Overheating can break your computer. Therefore, you must take steps to cool down your system as soon as possible. Go to Settings > look at the CPU performance > close or shut down the apps that are making your processors work too hard. 

The Bottom Line

Fixing the most common Mac issues is not a big deal if you know these hacks. However, when you are working on your computer for a long time, it is possible to encounter some problems. Your computer might overheat, the fans may get louder, or your computer might start to freeze. The apps may become unresponsive, or your system may run out of storage space. However, all these problems are easily solvable, and you don’t have to run to your nearest Apple service center or call a technician. Ensure to put in place a regular maintenance plan for your computer, clean the dust and regularly update the OS so you can prevent such problems from occurring in the first place.

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