Ski Mask the Slump God

The net worth and career of Ski Mask the Slump God

The Slump God’s ski mask is the American rapper, singer, and songwriter who are famous for collecting fame beside xxxtentacion late. He left the SoundCloud to do a co-headlining tour with Juice WRD at the age of 23 years.

Ski Mask the Slump God Net Worth

The net wealth of the ski mask is where today is mostly due to the flow / sales of the music and many tours that he dated back to 2016. In 2021, he currently receives 9.7 million monthly listeners only in Spotify.

The big hit rapper first came in 2017 when the song drowned in the designer got more than 22 million streams on the soundcloud. Since then, he has dropped one LP, three solo mixtapes, three Collab tapes, and dozens of independent tracks.

Slump God has signed cons with the Republic Records label and Victor Victor. In addition, he held support with the brands of Belaire, BAPE, and invincible.

Many net wealth of ski masks comes from the appearance of the concert. Since 2016, he appeared at around 75 different shows to appear in almost two dozen festivals.

Full NameStokeley Clevon Goulbourne
Birth DateApril 18, 1996
Birth PlaceFort Lauderdale, Florida
ProfessionRapper / Singer / Songwriter
Marital StatusNot Married
Net Worth$4 Million

Ski Mask the Slump God Merch

Rapper launched its own merchandise lane a few years ago and he continued to update the inventory when he dropped a new project.

At present, Rapper has 5.3 million followers of Instagram and 891.2 thousand followers on Twitter. In 2021, the ski mask had 1.63 million customers on the YouTube channel, which had received more than one billion views.

Who is Ski Mask the Slump God?

Stokeley Clevon Born Ski Mask Goulbourne on April 18, 1996, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His parents were in Jamaican’s descendants and his father used to be a rapper with the name stage in Sin City. It was documented that he grew up with four siblings in Broward County, FL.

Appeared, the ski mask rose between living in both of his parents’ houses. Rapper listens to artists like Lil Wayne and Busta rhymes in all her youth. In fact, his father sometimes forced him to focus on writing his own raps.

Rapper attended the Coral Springs High School located near Fort Lauderdale. In 2013, the ski mask was sentenced to time in the teenage detention center to have less than grams of marijuana. That’s where he meets XXXTentacion.

Rap Career

The slump of God and X began to make music together in 2014, released their songs to catch me on SoundCloud. After establishing their collective together called members only, the Duo dropped a series of mixtapes which was only titled Member Vol. 1-3.

Rapper continued to drop the track at SoundCloud, including the song, catching me outside who uses Missy Elliott, he is an instrumental prostitute. Hip-hop legend responded excitedly to bring a ski mask.

He released the debut of Solo Mixtape in 2016 entitled Sinking in Designers. This project contains the song taking a step back, which displays X and has since been certified as gold. Then in 2017, the God’s Slump dropped the commercial debut project called you would regret. The recording has production from Cashmoneyap and Timbaland.

Ski Mask the Slump God New Album

2018 will prove to be a big year for Rapper Rapper. First, he dropped my third solo mixtape entitled Beware of the Book of Eli. New York artists are rich in kid displayed on lost souls and timbaland produces running lanes.

Then in November, the ski mask dropped the debut studio LP titled Stokeley. The album debuted at number six on the Billboard 200 charts and moved 51,000 units equivalent to the first week album.

Stokeley features a guest appearance of Lil Baby, Lil Yachty, and Juice Wrd. It was also packed with production from Kenny Beats, Beatz Murda, Og Parker, and several others.

Faucet Failure

The single Faucet failure featuring WRLD juice has become one of the most memorable traces of the ski mask. Enter in just two and a half minutes, this song has the nuances of psychedelic, which is interspersed in the visual music video.

It reaches number 87 in Billboard U.S. Hot 100 and since being certified as one platinum.

Personal Life

In 2018, it was hoped that the ski mask was in Atlanta, Georgia. The death of many of his friends has been well documented for years. He lost X in 2018 and WRD juice the following year. He is consistent in dedicating it to the song and at the concert.

In 2018, it was found that rapper has a heart condition that requires operation. The ski mask revealed that he had dealt with him for some time, but he had not explored in detail.

How tall is Ski Mask the Slump God?

This is not a task that easily pinned the height of the ski mask. Some outlets listed five feet five, some said five feet seven, and there were some who claimed that he was as high as five feet nine. So, until now, the height is right in the air so far concerning the public.

The ski mask has a part of the incident at the concert. For starters, a colleague Rapper Rob Stone pushed down the god’s decline and continued to attack him. In 2018, the artist held the moment of silence for X which was disturbed by fans. The ski mask told the coal audience to defeat fans, which lead to close combat.

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