Rich the Kid

The Rich the Kid Height, Weight, and Girlfriend

Rich the child was a famous American rapper because of the new freezer double-platinum track featuring Kendrick Lamar. He was also recognized as a founder of record labels, rich music forever.

New York, New York – March 11: The children’s wealthy recording artist attended the “Boss Man” album release party, March 11, 2020, in New York City.

Early Life

Rich the boy was born Dimitri Leslie Roger on July 13, 1992, in Queens, New York. Even though his parents’ name was not published, it was confirmed that they were of Haitian descent. In fact, the rich actually spoke Creole Haiti smoothly.

Full NameDimitri Leslie Roger
Birth DateJuly 13, 1992
Birth PlaceQueens, New York
Marital StatusNot Married
Net Worth$12 Million

Where is Rich the Kid from?

Rich, the kid would remain in the Queens region for up to 13 years. At that time, his parents divorced and the rapper moved to the south to live with his mother in College Park, Georgia. The small town is adjacent to the southern limit of Atlanta.

The rapper would come back to his original state for the high school where he attended Elmont Memorial Junior-Senior School in Long Island, New York. That’s when he started hitting. He merged his inspirations from NY and South to create his sound. In reality, his first rap name was Black Boy Da Kid before discovering his current moniker.

Rich the Kid Net Worth and Music Career

Since its starting solo mixtape in 2013 entitled, they were Benjamins, rich began to gain popularity through her work alongside the trio of rap. Fast forward to 2021 and Rich receives 7.2 million monthly listeners just on Spotify.

In addition to this, the artist wins money through his social media accounts in which he has 8.1 million Instagram followers and 2.3 million followers on Twitter. It also has 2.4 million subscribers on its YouTube channel.

Over the years, rich, the kid has been signed at the tastes of Interscope Records, Records of the Republic, 300 entertainment, quality control music, and Empire distribution. In April 2021, rich in cereal millions of dollars with Rostrum Records. Back in 2016, Rich started his own label called rich music forever.

With regard to approvals, the rapper would have been necking a mega-affair with Adidas back in 2018. In an impressive way, the rich kid is rich in the rich road dating from the 2013 road. Since then he has been On the road with the tastes of Migos, 6lack, Chris Brown, and many others.

The rapper also launched his own line of merchandise several years ago, which he continues to update each time he drops a noticeable project.

Rich the Kid New Freezer

In almost a decade of creating music, the biggest kick of life of the child was his new track freezer with the hip hop Kendrick Lamar legend. The song was used as the only single for the first studio of the child the world is yours.

The song culminated at number 41 on the Billboard Hot 100 graph and it has since reached the dual platinum status certified for the sale of more than two million units to the US Smash-Hit Catapulted rich in Stardom.

Rich the Kid Album

In total, the rapper released three studio albums, the newest being Boss Man (2020), which culminated at number 12 on the Billboard 200 Chart. His first album became platinum in 2018 and his follow-up (the world. Is yours 2) made its debut at number four on the graph. Earlier in 2021, Rich Kid collaborated with Lil Wayne on their Babies Mixtape Trust Fund.

Rich the Kid Height (How Tall is Rich the Kid Actually?)

The 29-year-old is listed between five feet nine and five feet eleven, depending on where you look. In the image above, you can see a rich child standing next to Lil Wayne who is considered five feet five. The rapper has dark brown eyes.

Who is Rich the Kid’s, Girlfriend?

The rapper was married to the luscious lady before the two were divorced in 2018. He was then romantic in Tori Brixx, but their split has been rumored for several months now. It has also been with India Westbrook and Aaleeyah Petty.

Starting from 2021, the artist has three children. He and succulent have a pair of children together. Meanwhile, he had his third child with Brixx in 2019.

Rich had a quadrille publicly accused with his colleague Lil Uzi Green rapper. After turning on Twitter, rich, the kid dropped a different track entitled Friends Dead. Then, UZI responded with a track called Rich Rich Forever leak. The two-faced Philadelphia Starbucks in 2018 and nothing has happened since.

Rich the Kid Net Worth

By 2021, the net worth of rappers is a very impressive $ 12 million. Before turning 30 years, rich, the kid gathered this figure through a constant workload and informed business decisions. If 2021 is an indicator, the native does not slow down half-time.

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