Tips to Find the Best Student Housing

College students are no stranger to the hustle and bustle of moving into a new place. Whether they opt for on-campus or off-campus housing, all students search for affordable housing that meets their needs. And while it might seem like finding the perfect apartment is as easy as looking through listings online, like the apartments for rent in Augusta, there are other factors to consider when getting ready for school. Here, we’ll go over eight tips to find the best student housing.

1.     Start Searching Early

Students who start searching for apartments early in the summer tend to find more success than those who wait until their senior year of high school. College search websites allow students to narrow down listings that fit into their college experience and student life. This means that they can filter by pet-friendly housing options, on-campus dining, and more.

2.     Consider your Budget

As any college student knows, money can be tight. Finding an affordable apartment is essential for students, but it’s also important to find housing that meets their needs. For instance, if you want to live with one or two other people in a studio or 1-bedroom apartment, you will most likely have lower rent than someone who wants to live in a 4-bedroom.

3.     Search Online and In-Person

There are many benefits to searching for apartments online and in person. By browsing online, students can see various listings from different areas and landlords. However, you have to remember that not all listings are legitimate. Meeting with a potential landlord in person can give students a better idea of what the property looks like, how much the rent is, and more.

4.     Try to Get Some Information About the Property in Advance

Once a student finds a potential KU student housing, it’s essential to do some digging before attending an open house. First of all, they should try to find the property owner. This way, students can find out information about past arrests and lawsuits regarding the landlord. In addition, students need to know if there have been any recent crimes at the property. Looking up crime statistics for an area is easy with online databases.

5.     Be Realistic With your Expectations

You might get caught up in the excitement of finding a new apartment. However, students need to be practical when looking for apartments near their college. For instance, if a student wants something pet-friendly and within walking distance of their university, it might not be possible to find an affordable place with those features. It’s better to set realistic expectations and be open-minded about available living options.

6.     Read the Fine Print

Although it may seem a waste of time, reading the fine print when signing a lease is essential. Students should know their rights to know what to do when problems arise. For instance, landlords are not allowed to reject tenants based on pregnancy or disability status. It’s crucial that you read the fine print before signing any legal document.

7.     Make a Few Viewings

Most landlords allow students to take several viewings of the property before committing. This might look like a waste of time, but it’s an opportunity for students to get a first-hand look at the property and what life would be like on their own. It’s also essential for students to bring a friend or family member to viewings, as they can offer unbiased opinions about the property.

8.     Start Scouting Roommates

While some live on their own, most students will have roommates. Students need to start thinking about potential roommates now to find compatible people before signing a lease or buying furniture. Usually, landlords require that all tenants sign the lease together, so it’s essential to make sure everyone is on the same page.


Finding an apartment is not easy, but students can make the process a little bit easier by following these tips. By being patient and realistic, they’ll be able to find a place that meets their needs and is affordable. In addition, it’s essential to start thinking about potential roommates, so everyone is on the same page before signing a lease.


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