Top Affiliate Marketing Software Platforms to Boost eCommerce Sales

Given that online companies only have to spend money when they generate money with this form of marketing strategy, it’s easy to see why affiliate marketing is gaining traction. If you haven’t explored this option yet, or if you’re having trouble making the most of it, here are affiliate software solutions that will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Affiliate marketing is employed on various social media channels, from blogs to YouTube videos. According to the Saas Scout’s Affiliate Marketing Statistics and Trends Globally Industry Report 2021, yearly affiliate marketing spending is anticipated to be $12 billion. Furthermore, it is predicted to rise by 10% over the next few years.


What Are the Benefits of Using Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing can be an effective, low-risk, and low-cost marketing technique for smaller web companies with limited marketing expenditures. In brief, the beauty of affiliate marketing is that it allows you to reach more potential clients faster without increasing your marketing budget. The only things you really need to focus on are our content creation, spreading the word about your program, and managing your affiliates.


Because almost everything can be tracked, it is also easy to calculate ROI. A dashboard allows you to view data on sales, impressions, leads easily, and clicks with the correct referral software.

Depending on the affiliate software you choose, you can also focus on selling specific high-ticket items. In this manner, you can request that your affiliates promote only a few products in exchange for a bigger commission. Alternatively, if some items have a low turnover rate, you might ask your network of affiliates to focus on these to assist you in getting rid of excess stock.

Where to get affiliate marketing software to automate your program?

The most commonly referred to choice is This is an affiliate marketing software that transformed from a beta product to a viable business without the assistance of investors. Scaleo assisted around 20,000 merchants with their affiliate marketing efforts throughout the business of its seven-year existence. Scaleo allows you to build an affiliate network of your own and make money from traditional affiliate marketing and commissions generated by your partners.

Integrates smoothly with the most popular eCommerce systems, including BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento.



Investing in one of these tools makes managing your affiliate program and affiliates much easier. This will give you more time to identify the ideal affiliates and develop engaging content.

That being stated, take your time researching the various tools accessible. While we only showcased affiliate marketing software options, there are many more to pick from. The right agency should be able to build links and banner advertising and handle administrative responsibilities.

All of the programs we reviewed provide free trials or demo. Make use of this before making any financial obligations. Also, keep an eye on your online reputation. You can check out various review websites before making your ultimate pick.


And, if you’re still not convinced about starting affiliate marketing, consider this: more than 80% of brands already use affiliate networks. Furthermore, nearly 40% of marketers feel that it is one of the most effective marketing methods for gaining new clients. Because you only pay for genuine outcomes, there isn’t much you can lose by giving it a shot.


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