Top Horror Games Of All Time

Top Horror Games Of All Time

Although much of world is beginning to relax confinement and many of us can leave the house for a walk or have a few drinks, it is possible that during these months we have invested in a console, a smart TV or a new sound bar . If this is your case, you still have time to make the most of it with some of the best contemporary horror games .

For this, Top Horror Games Of All Time, we have made a compilation of titles of thriller, suspense, horror, violence, living dead and others , which you can launch on some of the main consoles on the market, such as the PS4, the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. F95 Zon, This, without forgetting computers, of course.

Resident Evil Village Available on: (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4,5)

f95 zone
f95 zone

Unanimously considered one of the best scary games for teenagers , the Capcom saga reached, in this survival installment, probably its best definition.

A very well achieved story, in which we feel the fear of each step that we take as if we were really in the skin of the character, together with the resolution of the small errors of the titles that preceded it, make Resident Evil 8 an essential in your newspaper library .

Until Dawn Available on:  (PlayStation 4)

f95 zon
f95 zon

Until Dawn by Supermassive Games is undoubtedly one of the best ps4 horror games . It may not cause the same dread as the others, but it tries to get out of the ordinary in the genre.

The argument is rather simple, even repeated, but it continues to give good results: a group of teenagers, a cabin, and atrocious events that begin to come to light , and that require all our attention to solve them and get out of there alive.

The level of interactive storytelling, and the precision of the butterfly effect for every action we take, are more than enough reasons to recommend it.

The Evil Within 2 Available on:  (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4)

f95 zone
f95 zone

The Evil Within is one of the new sagas that has quickly conquered the hearts of the public. f95 zone ,Thanks to the joint work of Tango Gameworks and Bethesda, the continuation of the saga that stars Sebastián Castellanos has been as successful as the first installment .

Also known in Japan as Psycho Break 2, the events take place three years after the first title, and our mission will be to recover Lily, Sebastian’s daughter .

Alien: Isolation Available on:  (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch)

f95 zone
f95 zone

Located from the outset among the best xbox one horror games, we could say that it is a kind of vindication after the poor performance of Alien: Colonial Marines .

The slow but steady escalation in the sense of fear is its greatest virtue , and together with the elements of infiltration, it equally qualifies as one of the best stealth games today .

If you are a fan of the Alien movie franchise, you should give it a try.

Outlast 2 Available on:  (PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch)

f95 zon
f95 zon

F95 zones, If what you are specifically looking for is a tension-filled experience, Outlast 2 is for you . The first installment was not bad, it is true, but this one came to confirm all the good reviews.

From the hand of reporters Blake and Lynn Langermann we will enter a world of fervent religious people who could even kill you for not following their cult , and whose customs are too far from ours. Escaping from that trap will not be easy.

Some of us are scared as hell of these and some of find them as an exciting adventure where you have to fight your own fears and has to come out as an hero! f 95 zone, Yes it is as exciting to play as exciting you are feeling while reading this post. So please keep this review and list into consideration while going to buy your next adventures and horrifying video game!

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