uncover the need of IV therapy

Uncover the need of IV therapy

IV therapy is a medical technique that helps to administer fluids or medication directly into a person through a vein. The intravenous route is used to provide hydration and nutrients to those who cannot consume food or water on time may be due to a busy schedule or laziness, or to those who are suffering from eating disorders including dysphagia or difficulty swallowing.

Why do we need IV therapy?


When the body loses more fluids than it intakes that results in dehydration. Its risk increases due to outdoor activities, playing sports, or drinking alcohol. It may get worse and become a big problem if it’s not treated on time. The common symptoms that highlight dehydration and alert you to get Mobile IV therapy are

  • dry mouth usually occurs when your salivary glands do not produce enough saliva that resulting in dehydration
  • dizziness, you may also feel anemia, anxiety disorders, hypoglycemia, and a drop in blood pressure
  • increase in urine concentration or dark-colored urine, sometimes you may also feel difficulty in passing urine
  • skin becomes loose before age
  • headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting, motion sickness, or indigestion problems
  • Seizure

The very first symptom that you get when you are dehydrated is thirst. The effective and efficient way to get your body hydrated is to get an IV.

IDRIP therapy helps to treat someone in the stages of dehydration who needs immediate fluid replacement, especially for patients experiencing heat stroke. They also offer free in-home visits as patients’ health is their prime importance.

Medication during surgery:

Have you ever think which is the main component of almost every surgical procedure? Every year, millions of healthcare workers around the globe perform surgical procedures. They use the intravenous route to administer either anesthesia, pain medications, or other vital fluids. This will help to deliver drugs immediately and efficiently when the body needs them. It helps to maintain electrolyte and blood sugar levels undergoing surgical procedures.

Emergency management:

Due to heart attack, stroke, trauma, excessive bleeding due to accident or any other cause, overdose, or anaphylactic shock, the patient may die if not get medication immediately. These are emergencies to combat patients’ dire conditions by administrating intravenous therapy.


In this condition, your diet doesn’t contain the right amount of nutrients or you may say an imbalance diet that results in unplanned weight loss, feeling tired and sick, loss of appetite, swelling, and fluid accumulation. Are you feeling low? Are you want to overcome your malnutrition? Partial parenteral and total parenteral nutrition will help you to get all nutrition or some through the intravenous route. This will help you to get balanced nutrients.

This will help to get wellness goals, increase energy level, activity level, and rapid recovery from disease.

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