3 Videos Your Company Website MUST Have To Be Successful

With 2019 coming to an end, both consumers and brands must acknowledge the way video content has taken over the way we share (and absorb) information. To further back this up, many studies claimed that by 2019, 80% of content consumed on the web would be video.This means that no matter your company or industry, it may be time to look at – and readjust – your marketing strategy. Ask yourself:

  • Have you incorporated enough video content?
  • Do you have an ‘Explainer Video?’
  • Are you getting the best results you can from your online presence?

Today, we’re going to focus specifically on your website, and the 3 video’s your company website needs in order to be successful.

1. A Homepage (Explainer) Video

As the attention-span of consumers shrinks, having an ‘Explainer Video’ on your homepage is crucial. This is a visually appealing way to tell those that land on your website: who you are, what you’re selling, and why you’re better than your competitors.

“91% of consumers have watched an explainer video to gain a better understanding of a product or service” – Scorch Films

It’s good to create a video specifically for your website homepage but in many cases, you can repurpose existing advertisements and social media content. Your video shouldn’t take over your homepage but rather, deliver your message and invite the potential consumers to further inquire.

2. Team/Company Video

Trust often plays a large role in a consumers decision to make a purchase. Because of this, it can really help to introduce potential consumers to your Team and/or Company. You can give a face to your company by showing the faces BEHIND it. It’s common to show a “day in the life” of your employees at work, behind-the-scenes of your office (or product production), clips of happy customers, and employee interviews. You should be creative but have your employees answer simple questions, such as:

  • What is the role in the company?
  • Why do you like your job?
  • What’s one tip you would give to —?

Despite the common format – do your research and search examples of video testimonials to find a tone that best suits your brand.

3. Product Demonstration

Using video to demonstrate how your product and/or service works is so powerful. Consider it your own Infomercial. It gives you the opportunity to create an easy-to-follow story by presenting your consumers with a problem and demonstrating how your product can solve it. Touch on important points such as:

  • What does your product do?
  • Who can your product help?
  • How can your product help?

Keep it simple but include all of the information you think is necessary to bring your product to life and leave no confusion or misconceptions. Remember to remain consistent to your brand and keep the quality as high as possible. Put your time, effort, and resources into creating an ad that will properly present your product and/or service to potential consumers.


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