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What are the Important Features of React JS?

React, also known as Reactjs can be defined as an open-source and free of cost front-end JS (JavaScript) library that the developers use for building UIs (user interfaces). These interfaces are based on UI components which are managed by Meta and a separate community of developers and various companies. If you intend on becoming a front-end developer, it is essential to have a clear understanding of react.js. And how do you do it?

By applying for such a decent and comprehensive React JS course, you will learn about React and Redux. Thereact.js courses are one of the popular and useful courses as the library is used for app development. We can readily use the open-source libraryas a base in the creation of several mobile apps, single-page apps, or server applications like Next.js. React emphasizes majorly on rendering the state to DOM (Cross-platform and language-independent interface) and its management.

React applications include additional libraries. Let us look at a regular usage of the React.

import React from “react”;

const Greeting = ()  =>  {

return (



<h1> Hi, I am Mark!





export default Greeting;


In the example mentioned above, you can see the Greeting function. The greeting function here acts as a React component that displays the sentence mentioned above, i.e., “Hello, I am Mark.”

Now that you have seen one example of React, let us have a look at some of the notable features of React.js.


Features of ReactJS

ReactJS is defined asa library created in the JavaScript framework to create dynamic, creative, and interesting applications. This, in turn, is used for building the UX or UI designs for mobile and webapplications. Here are some of the noticeable features of ReactJS. Have a look!

  1. JSX (JavaScript Syntax Extension)

JavaScript Syntax Extension is defined as a combined mechanism of JavaScript and HTML. A developer can ebb JavaScript objects and elements of HTML together. It is important to note that browsers do not support JSX. This, in turn, results in the Babel compiler compiling the provided code into JavaScript code. JSX is one of the essential features of react.js that makes coding easy for everyone. It becomes extremely easy to learn React if you have prior knowledge of programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, etc.


  1. Virtual DOM

DOM means Document Object Model. It is one of the integral parts of web development, wherein the modules are divided in order to execute the code. Generally, many JavaScript frameworks update the DOM which results in the slow work of the web applications. But react.js uses the virtual DOM to modify the web applications. Virtual DOM is the copy of real DOM which is updated first for such modifications.


  1. Data Binding

One-way data binding is a flow in onedirection. In this, the data moves in one direction only, i.e., from top to bottom. In simpler terms, the data flows from the parent component to the child component. The properties in the child component can be modified through parent components. Different states can be modified according to the inputs provided. This is how this process works. It makes everything fast and modular.


  1. Performance

As discussed in the previous section, the programming language, i.e., react.js makes use of virtual DOM to keep the modified parts updated. This, in turn, helps the DOM run at a rapid rate. DOM executes the memory so that separate components can run faster. The performance is reasonably improved with virtual DOM.


  1. Extension

In order to makecomplete UI applications, ReactJS uses many extensions. React.js supports web and mobile applications, thereby rendering the side of the server. The library is extended with a number of extensions such as Flux, Redux, React Native, etc. These extensions help in creating an amazing UI design.


  1. Conditional Sentences

JavaScript Syntax Extension allows the developers to write sentences which are conditional. Here is an example for you to understand this clearly.

const age  = 15

if (age >= 10)


<p> Greater than { age } </p>;




<p> { age } </p>;



  1. Different Components

Through react.js, the content on the web page is segregated into different components. React.js is based on components and each component consists of a UI design. Such designs consist of design as well as logic written in JavaScript. JavaScript makes the components easy to run at a rapid rate and can be reused in the future.


  1. It’s simple

React.js is a component-based framework that helps in running the codeeasily. The JSX combination used is created with the intermingling of JavaScript and HTML. These two programming languages make the code readable, easy to understand and debug. It is very simple to create an application with react.js. You must try it once!


So, these are the features of react.js. ReactJS is one of the most popular libraries used for developing mobile and web applications.

In order to learn React, one must take up the React.js certification course by Zeolearn. The course will serve as a window that will teach you front-end development through React. The candidates will get hands-on sessions and they will learn all about architecture, various components, and advanced concepts that will help in building various applications. Thus, enrol in the course now and become a successful developer with a good job and high pay grade in top-notch companies!



  1. Is React easy for beginners?

React.js is very easy to learn. Learning it by taking up a course will yield higher results in the near future. Being a front-end developer, it is important that you have full knowledge of React.js.


  1. In how many days can I learn React?

If you wish to learn React, then taking up a React.js course is highly beneficial. Generally, 1-2 months are required to learn the basics of React. By taking up a course, you will not only learn the basics but advanced concepts as well.


  1. Is React front-end or backend framework?

React.js is a front-end framework based on JavaScript. It is developed by Facebook and the best part about it is that it is created with the help of virtual DOM.


  1. Is React better or angular?

Both React and angular have their pros and cons. Therefore, one cannot say which is better. In order to become a successful developer, it is good that you have knowledge of both React and angular.




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