What Does A New Car Warranty Cover?

Car warranties are established by the manufacturer and will largely depend on the price of the car and the use for which the model is made. They cover defects in manufacturer-installed parts and some accessories.

The parts that are covered for the entire period of the warranty are basically three: the engine, the transmission and the axles. The windows, headlights, battery, airbags, seat belts, paint or similar cases do have a guarantee , but it is always for a shorter period.

It is important to mention that the car warranty is suspended when repairs are made to the car, that is, if we have 6 months of warranty remaining and the repair within the agency lasts one month, when leaving the workshop, our car will keep the 6 months of warranty.

Repairs made to the car must also have a warranty period, generally it is from 3 to 6 months, but this changes a lot depending on each agency.


What does a new car warranty not cover?

The parts of the car that are not covered by the warranty must always be specified in the purchase contract.

These are generally quick-wear parts such as: brake pads, windshield wipers, tires, spark plugs, engine bands, oils and other engine fluids, air and oil filters.

The extra equipment of the car is not covered by the warranty offered by the manufacturer. The responsibility of offering you a guarantee for these parts rests with the company that installed them. As long as it belongs to the same agency, you are not in danger of losing your guarantee.

Generally, agencies do not cover damage to cars caused by fires or natural phenomena, such as earthquakes or floods, nor do they cover damage from vandalism or theft.

The first two reviews of the car are usually free, but from the third review the cost is your responsibility, this will depend on what each agency offers. Interested in knowing in detail about car warranties? Check out chaiz.com today.

Why is a new car warranty lost?

In the case of new cars, the guarantee is lost if the owner does not make good use of the car or does not drive properly , that is, in activities for which the car is not intended, such as participating in races or driving it within zones flooded.

It is also important that the owner maintain the car, as recommended by the manufacturer in the user manual, in addition to taking the unit to the automotive service.


It is possible that the agency could argue a failure of the car for not having met these recommendations and terminate the warranty.

Contrary to what is believed, the mere fact of taking your car to a workshop that does not belong to the assembly company or agency does not disable the warranty, it will be lost only if an inappropriate replacement is placed on the car or the original repair a failure later.

Regarding the previous point, it is true that the guarantee is not lost, however, taking a new car to a local workshop could be used by the agency itself to ignore the vehicle’s guarantee, it is best to avoid this practice.


What does a used car warranty cover?

In the case of used cars, it is important that you know that dealers have the freedom to define the warranty coverage, and even not to grant any type of security in your purchase. In this case, if you find a fault in your car, you can start a process to have the dealer repair the damage, consider that in this situation the tests are very important.

Warranties between new and used cars are usually similar in features and restrictions, but not in duration.

Used cars with a guarantee come to have a coverage period of two years in the best of cases, but there are dealerships that only give three months of guarantee.


What does a used car warranty not cover?

There is a marked difference if you buy a pre-owned car at a dealership than with a private individual, in the first case it is much easier to enforce your rights as a consumer than if you buy it from a lot that is not regulated.

If you bought your car in an unregulated lot and it presents a fault, you have the option to file a complaint within the first 6 months. However, you must demonstrate that the fault in the car was present from before your purchase, that is why it is important Obtain the contract where the details of the guarantee are specified, which in many cases this type of place does not grant you.


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