What does it mean to be sapiosexual

What does it mean to be sapiosexual? Have you ever noticed that what you like about that person is not their physique but their mentality?Over the years and after the avalanche of new information about personal relationships, new terms have emerged that have revolutionized our concept of attraction to other people. The word sapiosexual was born to define those people who are attracted to the intelligence and mental capacities of other people.

Do you consider yourself attracted to intelligence? In this Psychology-Online article, we will talk about what it means to be sapiosexual.

Definition of sapiosexual

The word sapiosexual comes from the Latin term sapiens (wisdom) linked to sexual attraction. As its name suggests, a sapiosexual person can be defined as one who feels a deep sexual attraction and excitement towards the mentality and intellectual competencies of other individuals. In other words, they are people who do not focus on the physical when they are attracted to other people but instead focus on the mind and the inner world.

Sapiosexuals choose a company, either life or occasional, according to their intelligence. This does not mean that they prefer unattractive people or that they only like extremely intelligent people. Being sapiosexual only defines a trend in our sexual orientation and attraction.

Behind these types of trends, an equally intelligent person, down-to-earth and responsible is usually hiding. They may have a narcissistic personality point and actually believe they need to surround themselves with smart people to feel good.

How to seduce someone who is attracted to intelligence?

To seduce a sapiosexual it is important to know how to maintain a good conversation, provide new and interesting information, and never bore the other person. Sapiosexuals are curious people, eager to want to know more, and highly motivated to explore the minds and knowledge of others.

The key to making a person who is attracted by the mind fall in love with you is very simple: open up, show everything you know and have learned throughout your years and experiences, vital conversations are usually very interesting and nutritious for anyone, especially for sapiosexuals!

Definition of sapiosexual
Definition of sapiosexual

The attraction to intelligence

Is it possible to be attracted only by intelligence?

There are many studies in psychology that show that the state of infatuation and / or attraction also has a strong mental and conscious component, it is not only a torrent of emotions and passion. Therefore, it is possible that magnetism and desire arise from an intellectual process as is the case with sapiosexual people.

Beauty is on the inside

Scientific studies have also focused on finding the relationship between the mind and our perception of beauty in others. According to the psychological community, it seems that we value and consider a person more physically beautiful if we see mental attractiveness in them.

In a way, we are all a bit sapiosexual. Surely, someone who we have seen more attractive over the days and the exchanged conversations comes to mind.

The controversy of sapiosexuality

This term is under the focus and analysis of many contemporary theories based on sexual rights and freedoms. To what extent can the attraction to intelligence be considered a sexual orientation? Does this new prism divert attention from the fight for gay and bisexual rights?

It is true that it is a controversial issue, if we can get a social analysis of all this, it is that we are increasingly opening ourselves towards new ways of living our feelings and sexual behaviors. A few decades ago, having a sexual orientation other than “normal” was persecuted and condemned with harsh punishments. Today, despite many of the taboos that still exist in society, the social mentality has opened up and we are beginning to live our desires and attractions normally.

Beauty is on the inside
Beauty is on the inside

How to know if you are sapiosexual: test

If you have doubts about your sexual orientation and you want to know if you are a sapiosexual person, we recommend that you take the following test, to do so you only have to answer YES or NO to the following questions:

  1. When you have a first date, are you more attentive to the conversation than to the physical of the person?
  2. If a person is not attractive at all, but their intellect is huge and they have a lot of knowledge, would you still be interested in them?
  3. Do debates and long conversations have a place in your perfect date?
  4. If a person is extremely attractive but unintelligent, would you decide to reject them?
  5. To have sex with a person, do you need to know their level of knowledge?
  6. A book, a cult movie, a ticket to the theater … would they be your perfect gifts?
  7. Are you excited to hear someone talk about an interesting topic for hours on end?
  8. Do you only feel sexually attracted when you connect with a person on a mental level?
  9. Although you appreciate beauty, does not physical appearance influence too much when choosing a sexual partner or companion?
  10. Have you lost sexual interest in someone by realizing that they were not smart?
    Interpretation of the test

If you have answered YES to most of these questions, perhaps you should consider the idea that you are sapiosexual or, if not, you feel a strong attraction towards the minds and intellect of people. Once you know that part of you and that trend in your relationships, you will no longer wonder why it is so difficult for you to find a partner, whether it is love or sexual.

This article is merely informative, in Psychology-Online we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.

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