Local SEO

What is Local SEO


The SEO Local is a group of techniques aimed at optimizing the positions of a website or eCommerce site in the organic search results that users depending on the geographical location where they are.

As can be deduced from the previous definition, these techniques seek to increase the visibility of the Web pages of businesses that have a physical address, to be able to be found by their potential clients in a certain area and close to them.


But, this does not mean that a local SEO strategy is not compatible with the application of measures or actions to also position ourselves in a much more global or international scope.

In short, the importance that we must give to this methodology within our strategies must be more or less great, always depending on the characteristics of our business and whether or not we have a headquarters or physical address where we sell products or offer our products. services.


What exactly is local SEO for?

The presence of companies on the Internet has become essential if you want to be competitive with your project, given the use that users make of “digital” today.

The Internet, and especially Blogs and social networks, have completely revolutionized the relationship between people and brands in general.

Just a decade ago, the customer decided whether or not to buy a product or service based on the information that brands provided through their traditional campaigns.

Local SEO
Local SEO

However, at present, that flow of information and communication is now two-way.

It should be clarified that the objective of local positioning, in this case, is not only the fact of being able to place ourselves in the first results of the SERP in a general way, but that of achieving visibility in user searches based on their location geographic location to achieve more sales and conversations as a result.

Obviously, it will be essential that we be able to position ourselves in the first places of Google, but do not forget that a good organic positioning is only the means to achieve an end, sell more with your eCommerce or services page. For more info and if you want to get your site listed on the top positions with local SEO go and contact Staylisted today!


The main thing is to add value to our buyer persona with useful and quality content. In this way, we will gradually achieve quality and much more segmented traffic. Therefore, also a potential customer of higher quality.

In addition, thanks to all this, the image of our brand will increase over time.


How does local searches work and how does Google display those results?

On many occasions, I have stressed the importance of users’ search intentions in current SEO strategies. And geolocated intentions are no exception.

On the contrary, they have very specific characteristics and peculiarities. To the point that, if a business or website does not comply with them, they will not be able to get better visibility in these searches.

So when a person makes a query on Google, he will always try to understand or interpret what that user is really wanting to find.

But what if that particular query is not complete enough? It does not matter, the search engine will also make some extra decisions by itself, to try to better adapt to what we need and offer us what he decided are the most appropriate results.

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